Economical Eats

Pizza Night


Ever since the girls were very little, Friday night has been pizza night at our house. It's a nice way to wind down a busy school/work week, and it's easy for me because the amount of prep is minimal. I'd like to give you a peek into pizza night at our house, and I'll start […] Keep Reading

Recipe for High Protein “Power Bars”


Several readers have requested this terrific recipe, but please note that while I have personalized it somewhat, I cannot take credit for it. When we had health insurance through Wellmark this recipe was in their monthly magazine for members. I first made it with protein powder from Wal-Mart, which is full of chemicals and tastes gross, but I […] Keep Reading

The Family Table in Real Life


In my What I Do post, I mentioned that I try to cook most of our meals from scratch, and this prompted a reader comment, "As much as I like cooking, I get so tired of the planning and cleaning up, day after day. It's so much easier to go out." Me too. I completely […] Keep Reading

Easy Homemade Nut-Free Granola Recipe


One of our favorite breakfasts is Greek yogurt topped with a little drizzle of honey and some granola. The frugal zealot in me objects to paying $4.50 for a 28-ounce box of granola because it works out to 16 cents an ounce, which is not within my acceptable price range for prepared breakfast cereals (see […] Keep Reading

Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts


After I wrote about my infatuation with roasted brussels sprouts in my typical day post, several readers requested the recipe (probably because, like me, they've previously had a hate affair with this poor, much-maligned vegetable). The lowly Brussels sprout doesn't get much respect - it generally tops the list of most-hated vegetables - and until […] Keep Reading


Saturdays are very busy days for us. My husband has Bible Study Fellowship leaders' meeting very early on Saturday mornings, and the rest of the day is usually spent doing errands and household chores that we can't manage to get to during the week. We have no set meal times on weekends, and we typically […] Keep Reading

How to Cook Ground Beef in a Slow Cooker


At our house, the main protein sources are chicken, turkey, salmon, and beef. In particular, we eat a lot of ground beef because it's versatile, economical, and tasty. However, I have a minor problem with ground beef; I don't especially like cooking it. I know...first world problems and all that. It's not like it's a […] Keep Reading