Weekly News Digest – December 18th, 2014


*Last week we celebrated week 3 of Christmas month, and the children received their "something to wear" gifts. Cakes was particularly thrilled with hers because, in keeping with what seems to be the theme for her Christmas, she got Frozen clothes and lip gloss. *I take the girls for haircuts only 3 times a year […] Keep Reading

My Christmas Mission


Last weekend, we celebrated week two of our "Christmas month" with several holiday traditions. First, Cakes performed at our local hometown holidays event. This was a first, and her first Irish step dancing performance ever! She was just adorable! A lady sitting next to me asked, "Is your daughter the little dark-haired girl with the […] Keep Reading

Banoffee Pie – American Style


Yes, I truly am obsessed with all things British, an anglophile of the highest order, and I fully intend to move to England as soon as I possibly can. It may not be until I'm an old lady in my dotage, but I will do it. Anyway, I guess this is why I decided to […] Keep Reading

Weekly News Digest – December 4, 2014


*Weasel in the Well - In our decade of life here, we've had some interesting wildlife experiences. For example, a coyote got hit by a car on the highway, then made his way up the hill to our front porch, where he very sadly and dramatically expired right before our eyes (the children were horrified). […] Keep Reading

What’s New Around Here


Um....a whole lot! *First of all, in the last week my husband and I have come up with a name for his new business, looked into zoning restrictions, applied for liability insurance, claimed and registered a domain, set up a basic blog, made a promotional flyer, AND set up a Facebook page. We also have […] Keep Reading

Cakes Turns 8!


If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you probably remember her looking like this, so let's all just take a moment and let the fact that she's 8 years old sink in. Cakes is our spunky, sweet, artistic, hilarious middle child. Since I began this blog, more than 6 years ago, I have […] Keep Reading

The Master Bedroom Project


It's done! I'm so happy about this, for several reasons: 1) It was really hard work, and we're both exhausted. 2) I was tired of the children nesting in our mattress in the living room. Every night when we went to bed (usually aching all over and dead tired), we had to first remove the […] Keep Reading