25 Things I Do to Save Time and Money


1. I don't listen to voice mail. In my outgoing message I make it very clear that I don't check voice mail regularly, so if people need a quick response they should text me. Most people accept this without complaint, and it has eliminated about 99% of the problem. I do this because I find voice mail […] Keep Reading

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale Extended!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is still available! To make amends for the unfortunate site outage yesterday, the Ultimate Bundles team has extended the sale through noon PDT today (3:00 P.M. EDT, 2:00 P.M. CDT), to allow extra time for those who tried to purchase a bundle yesterday and couldn't due to site problems. The […] Keep Reading

A Game of Catch


DJ has had a mild sniffle for the last few days, and in spite of all my best efforts, I seem to be coming down with it today, too. I have a headache, upset stomach, scratchy throat....blech. I had an idea for a blog post, but I just don't feel up to writing it today, […] Keep Reading

[…] Keep Reading

I'm so excited to share this great value, and you all know that I don't promote anything unless I really believe in it, so that should give you an indication of its level of greatness! I would never recommend any product if I didn't genuinely feel that it would be helpful and beneficial to you, […] Keep Reading

My Daily Schedule – Fall 2014


*Updated 9/18/14 to allow for Good News Club, and the newly created cross country carpool.* Several readers have requested recently that I post an updated version of my schedule, now that I have a middle-schooler, a second-grader, and a preschooler. I also attempt to earn some money from home, through a combination of eBay sales, […] Keep Reading


(Ha, see what I did there?) I bet you never thought I'd write a post about shaving, did you? But that's me - full of surprises (not really, but indulge me anyway). So, on the fateful RV trip that shall not be discussed nor repeated, I lost my Venus razor. I'm positive that I left it […] Keep Reading