Oct 072016

One of the comments (not complaints, really) I get occasionally is that I rarely post pictures of myself.
This post will not remedy that, as I simply don’t like to be in the spotlight. However, you can hear my voice in these videos! Don’t get too excited though…this will not be a regular thing, as I generally feel like an extreme doofus when speaking off the cuff, and much prefer writing.

Here’s the before:

The after:

and the sort:

I hope this is helpful, or at the very least, entertaining!


  21 Responses to “My Gather, Sort, and Deliver House Tidying Method (VIDEO)”

  1. Really enjoyed that!!! You have a very soothing voice too, lol.

  2. I loved your videos Heather!!! You have such a soft spoken voice!! When I need some motivation, I’ll be rewatching these (probably everyday). I hope you will share more videos in the future!! Papers are my nemesis as well…maybe you can do a video about that one day

  3. Thank you for sharing how you tidy and sort items! It was great to hear your voice!!

  4. Heather,

    I really enjoyed your videos! It was wonderful to see how you clean up your house and hear your insights. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    I would love to see more videos if you decide to make more!


  5. What a GREAT idea! We will be trying this today. I thought only my children left their towels all around the house. My side of the bedroom looks much worse than yours did. My children are QUICK to remind me of this quiet often. Thank you for your transparency. One last thought – The Paper War will NEVER be won!!! Sometimes I think there cannot be any trees left in our world.

  6. Thanks for sharing Heather! Needed the reminder that it will take much less time than I think it will, I just need to get started!

  7. More videos please! They were great! Awesome motivation!

  8. I like it! Inspired me to get off my couch and get going!

  9. Great video! I don’t know, there might have been a bit of clutter, but you are soooo mentally organized that you know right where to dig in and go. I’m literally standing in the middle of the house somedays not knowing which way to turn first….and end up just spinning my wheels.

    I’m going to be getting a handle on my messy in about 10 days. 🙂

    I’m one of those little piles by the bed kind of people as well….and by my recliner too….knitting, current magazine etc.

    When my MIL was still living, we were handling her money stuff. I immediately transferred all of the household bills that I could to paperless. Her bills came by paper. It helped me keep things somewhat straight. I’ve continued doing things paperless here and use a check sheet for the monthly bills so that I don’t have to keep going in and making sure things are up to date.

    And the recipes I print out to try!!! Pffft. When the end of the Messy Era happens, the computer will be moved upstairs with a small file cabinet, etc. No more paper downstairs that should be upstairs and stuff that should be filed downstairs in a pile upstairs.

    10/20/16 — Book it!!

  10. What a fun post! I agree with the others…it’s nice to hear your voice, and also to take a little tour of your home! : ) Quick question…do you use brand name Swiffer cloths? I currently have some cheapie ones, and they don’t seem to be doing a very good job of picking up pet hair.

    • I do use the brand name ones. I bought a big box when we still had a Costco membership. That was 3 years ago and I’m STILL using them up!

  11. Heather! This is SOOOOO great!!! THANK YOU! I am in my (ahem) mid 30s, with a Mother who never cleaned anything, no kidding. She left it up to us kids, so I have never been shown the proper way to tidy up, let alone clean. My husband comes from an OCD Mother, so you can imagine our struggles for the last 14.5 years! I am heading to the laundry room to get out some baskets to FINALLY tidy up and be productive!! Thank you for making the video, and I wouldn’t mind a few more on how to clean/when to clean/what to clean. You have been, seriously, more helpful than watching those darned Martha Stewart videos 😉

    • “….darned Martha Stewart videos.” That made me smile. So glad I can help! Please come back and let me know how it goes! Also, I forgot to mention in the video that it saves time to place the laundry baskets strategically, so they’re close to where you’re working. When I’m working in the kitchen and living room, I put them next to the china cabinet, which is kind of the halfway point between the rooms. When working in the bathroom and bedrooms, I slide the baskets into the hall. Saves a lot of steps. 🙂

  12. Great videos. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Thank you for sharing, Heather! I have four children and way too many various piles around the house by the end of the week. I like your laundry basket method. I hear you on the towels everywhere, too! I finally broke down about six months ago and bought each of my three older children (we let the one year old off the hook) two towels each of a specific color. I have no problem reusing a towel just to dry off with more than once. The deal is that each kid has to use his/ her own two colored towels ONLY. This REALLY cut down on the towel laundry as we could easily tell who was leaving towels out all over the house based on color and stay on them to pick the darn things up! I thought that may be worth sharing. As for the rest of the junk scattered all over my house– I have no easy solutions for that!

  14. I’m doing this almost every day (instead of once a week), which makes me feel like I’m ALWAYS sorting. However, if I don’t, it’s hard for me to relax at night, seeing things that aren’t in their homes…it bugs me. Wondering how you not let it get to you on a daily basis? Do you choose to ignore the clutter as best you can, knowing you’ll get to it on Friday? Thanks for any input you may have. 🙂

    • I used to pick up and put stuff away every day also, and finally I decided that this wasn’t worth my time. So, just as I only clean bathrooms on Wednesdays, and wash floors on Thursdays, I let the clutter pile up until Friday and then just tackle it in one big tidy. It can be difficult, especially if you’re a very neat, orderly person living with children and a husband, but once you give yourself permission to let it go, it will get easier.

  15. Loved this! Very helpful to actually see the before and after.

  16. Love the videos! Love your “Apple pie order”! You’re so cute!

  17. Loved your videos. My husband and I are retired and home without children. I discovered that I am the messy one! Still cannot get a handle on paper clutter. I have gone paperless on lots but still get so bogged down with paper. I wonder if there is any help for a sixtyish retiree! I discovered your blog when I retired about six years ago and LOVE it! Thank you.

  18. It’s great hearing your voice and seeing your home in “live action” Heather! I enjoyed it.

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