Our Fall 2016 Schedule and Monthly Menu Plan

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Sep 062016

This is our schedule for Fall, 2016. I offer it as an example, to assist those who want to create a schedule of their own. This is a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Weekly Schedule Fall 2016 jpeg

Our Weekly Schedule Fall 2016 – View PDF

You may notice one major difference in our schedule this fall – we are no longer attending church. We left our church in March, and have no intention of finding a new one. We’re done – fed up – with institutional churches. Instead, we teach our children at home, and worship together as a family. When people ask where we go to church now, I tell them that we worship at the “Church of the Kitchen Table,” for where two or more are gathered in His name, God is there (Matthew 18:20). This family worship has prompted an amazing transformation in our lives, and we’re not looking back.

As part of my scheduling process this year, I also simplified menu planning. I now do one big grocery shopping trip at the beginning of each month, to restock my pantry and freezer. I supplement here and there with necessary perishables as the month goes on. It saves so much time. To make the dinner decision easier, I put all the meals I ever make into an MS Word table, complete with my low carb alternatives and adaptations. Each morning I pick a square based on what I need to use up, and cross it off after I make it. There is plenty of variety, and no repeats for a month. Easy!

Menus by the Month

Monthly Menu Plan – View PDF

You may view and download both documents as PDF files, and use them as a jumping-off point for creating your own.