Jun 122016

Breakfast – leftover grain-free, chocolate peanut butter muffin from the freezer, coffee with half and half


Lunch – open-faced cucumber sandwiches, carrots with dip
Dinner – low carb tuna melts, the last of the buffalo chicken dip, assorted raw vegetables for dipping

LCHF modifications:
Lunch – I used half a sandwich thin as the base for my cucumber sandwich. The rest of the family had caraway rye bread.

Breakfast – leftover grain-free, chocolate peanut butter muffin from the freezer, coffee with half and half
Lunch – clean-out-the-fridge lunch (this is my term for when I pull all the leftovers out of the fridge, and everyone picks something to finish up).
Dinner – horseradish pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas and carrots

LCHF modifications:
Dinner – I used gluccomannan instead of flour to thicken the gravy, and limited my serving of mashed potatoes to 1/2 cup. I also use red potatoes exclusively because they’re the lowest in starch.

Breakfast – avocado, egg, and Swiss sandwich thin, coffee with half and half
Lunch – dinner leftovers
Dinner – low carb enchilada bake with shredded lettuce, avocado, and full-fat sour cream

This recipe uses a versatile base made of eggs, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese. It’s delicious, and I’ve figured out how to vary the cheeses and seasonings for use in different types of recipes. It makes a fantastic lasagna! So good that you would never know it’s not the real thing.


Before baking


The finished crust

Breakfast – smoothie made with frozen raspberries, almond milk, and coconut cream
Lunch – dinner leftovers
Dinner – grilled ribeye steaks, seasoned rice, green peas

LCHF modifications:
Dinner – I topped my steak with goat cheese and avocado for extra fat. I did not eat rice.

Breakfast – Atkins low carb chocolate oatmeal fiber bar
Lunch – avocado, egg, and Swiss sandwich thin, 24-ounces iced water with lemon (I was sooo thirsty)
Dinner – crockpot roast chicken, cheesy “faux-tatoes,” green beans with almonds


Notes: This was an unusual day because I had to drive into the city for an appointment in the morning, and needed something to eat in the car. I like to keep some Atkins nutritional bars on hand for times like this. I was skeptical about these (as I am about most “diet” foods), but some of them are very good! These two varieties are my favorites:

When I got home, it was 12:40 and the rest of my family had already eaten, so an egg sandwich was the quickest, easiest meal I could make for myself. I had allowed myself to get too hungry, and too dehydrated, so I actually needed to lay down for a bit after lunch. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. It’s very easy, particularly when you’re new to this diet, to fall off the wagon if you don’t listen to your body’s signals!

Dinner was very low carb because of the “fauxtatoes,” which are actually cauliflower pureed with cream cheese, sour cream, and spices, then topped with more cheese and baked.

Breakfast – leftover grain-free, chocolate peanut butter muffin from the freezer (I’m the only one who eats these, so I have a lot left), coffee with half and half
Lunch – Dinner leftovers
Dinner – My husband and I worked on house projects all day so we were exhausted. We took the kids to Hardees, and I had an open-faced burger. This is my standard order in fast food restaurants. I order a burger, throw half the bun away, and have a side salad instead of fries.

Breakfast – avocado, egg, and Swiss sandwich thin, coffee with half and half
Lunch – choice of cucumber or turkey sandwich, carrots, chips
Dinner – grilled chicken with low sugar barbeque sauce, broccoli with parmesan cheese, mashed sweet potatoes


LCHF modifications:
Lunch – I had my cucumber sandwich on a sandwich thin, and no chips. I also had some Greek yogurt.
Dinner – I limited my serving of sweet potatoes to 1/2 cup

My husband and children ate pretty much the same diet as me this week, except for at breakfast. My kids typically eat toaster waffles or cereal for breakfast because they can make these things for themselves. Hayley also made power bars this week.

This week illustrates how we save money on food by making sure that all leftovers get eaten. This requires some repetition, but as long as I space things out throughout the week, no one minds. Our menu is also designed to utilize fresh foods that can spoil quickly, before foods from the freezer or pantry. This is why I ate so many avocados this week – because they were on sale for only .49 each at Aldi, so I bought 6. Also, you can see that I have a few standard breakfasts that I like and stick with because they require little effort, and I know the nutrition information by heart.

Though I eat low carb, I still eat small amounts of higher carb foods, such as chickpeas and sweet potatoes, once or twice a week. I do this for the benefits of resistant starch. You can learn more about it in this book, which I highly recommend (you must have AdBlocker disabled in order to view affiliate links on this site):