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Monday, 5/30 – This was Memorial Day, and I slacked off in my record-keeping because it was a holiday. I have no idea what we ate, except I remember that we ordered a pizza for dinner, and went to the reservoir so the kids could swim. And yes, I ate pizza.

Tuesday, 5/31
Breakfast – Avocado, egg, and swiss sandwich thin, coffee with half and half
Lunch – everyone ate leftover pizza, except me. I wasn’t hungry at noon.
Snack – 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, topped with 1/2 cup low carb chocolate granola
Dinner – grilled hamburgers topped with fresh pineapple and blue cheese, low carb pea and cheese salad, vegetarian baked beans, fresh strawberries

My LCHF modifications – I had my burger open-faced on half a sandwich thin, with one ring of pineapple, and plenty of full-fat blue cheese. I did not eat baked beans.

Wednesday 6/1
Breakfast – Bulletproof coffee
Lunch – Dinner leftovers
Snacks – 2 raspberry cheesecake fat bombs
Dinner – Baked flounder with lemon caper butter, orzo with parmesan and basil, asparagus roasted with olive oil, sea salt and pepper

My LCHF modifications – I was generous with butter sauce on my fish, and ate tons of roasted asparagus drizzled with extra olive oil, but no orzo. This is a standard side dish for us with fish courses, but as a rule I do not eat pasta.

Thursday 6/2
Breakfast – Avocado, egg and swiss sandwich thin
Lunch – Dinner leftovers
Snacks – 1 low carb peanut butter bar
Dinner – Giant, meal-sized salads with romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, sliced red peppers, chicken, and homemade Asian sesame dressing.


My LCHF modifications – none needed

Friday, 6/3
Breakfast – vanilla protein shake
Lunch – crescent dogs (Nathan’s 100% beef hot dogs with cheese, baked in crescent roll dough), applesauce, carrots and low carb ranch dressing
Snacks – 1 low carb peanut butter bar
Dinner – scrambled eggs with cheese, turkey bacon, more fresh strawberries (Aldi now has organic strawberries, so I bought several boxes because my kids love them so much).

My LCHF modifications:
Lunch – I wrapped my hot dog in a low carb flax wrap, and ate no applesauce.
Dinner – none needed

Saturday, 6/4
Breakfast – citywide garage sale day in a nearby town. It’s our family tradition to get donuts for the kids, which they call “Donuts for the Road.” I also ate a donut.
Lunch – because we were out all day, we stopped at Wendy’s for a quick lunch. I had an open-faced burger and a side salad with pomegranite vinaigrette.
Dinner – buffalo chicken dip served with Triscuits, and an assortment of raw veggies for dipping


My LCHF modifications – I had celery and carrots with my chicken dip, and ate no crackers.

Sunday, 6/5
Breakfast – grain-free chocolate chip peanut butter muffins, coffee with half and half. We often have muffins or cinnamon rolls during our Sunday morning family devotional and worship, and while I generally don’t like grain-free baked goods, these were quite good.



Lunch – buffalo chicken wraps (leftover chicken dip wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves)
Dinner – hummus with homemade almond thin crackers, red pepper strips, and other veggies for dipping, Kalamata olives and feta cheese. Root beer floats for dessert.

My LCHF modifications – I had diet A&W root beer, but no ice cream.

My husband eats largely the same diet as I do, but my children eat more carbs. This week, they also had the following foods: Amish friendship bread, sandwiches (peanut butter, turkey, roast beef), regular muffins on Sunday (instead of grain free), orange juice, vanilla yogurt, breakfast cereal, toaster waffles. Also, in the summer we often forgo cooked dinners for lighter fare, such as salads, hummus, or antipasto.

This week is an excellent example of how I stick to my diet 80% of the time, and still allow for occasional treats, such as a slice of pizza, or a donut. Life is much more fun this way! I will say, however, that I’ve really lost my taste for sweets, and didn’t even enjoy my donut very much. In fact, there was so much jelly in the middle that it was too sweet, and I didn’t finish it. This is quite a change for me, the woman who once told you that if not for sugar, I would never have a weight problem!

Also, I had more food pictures for this post, but since yesterday I’ve been having lots of problems uploading images. I kept hoping that the issue would just resolve itself, but sadly it has not. Now, I’ll have to contact my site host and deal with them. That’s always fun.


  10 Responses to “A Week of Eating at Our House (5/30 – 6/5)”

  1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this. I often try to be super strict with dieting and end up giving up because of it. I have the worst habit of eating something that’s not in the diet, say a slice of pizza, and then telling myself “Oh well, you already messed up, may as well give up today” I was trying to wrap my mind around how 80/20 worked and this is so helpful!

  2. THANK you for sharing this incredible way to fuel our bodies! I started following your advice 8 days ago, read some of the books you suggested, and did a lot of googling. One week in I am cooking incredibly satisfying meals, I have much more energy than before, my bloated belly is gone, my eczema is GONE, and I have lost five pounds. The best part is that I am not starving, and not craving any junk! What a change! My husband has (surprisingly) jumped on board with this way of life and my mother is eager to change her eating habits as well. Please keep these posts coming because I can’t get enough of them! Please share your recipe for the raspberry cheesecake fat bombs. I made coconut and chocolate fat bombs this week and I am guessing its a similar treat 🙂

    • That’s so wonderful! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this, Jenna!

      • I’m so excited about these changes, honestly. After reading most of wheat belly and doing my own research, I feel like we have all been duped into believing that wheat and sugar are good for us! What a joke! My mother was very much caught up in the low-fat craze for most of her life and even with a lot of exercise and very small portions, she gained weight yearly. She was amazed that she can actually enjoy the things she eats, feel better, and lose weight! I know I am only 8 days in, but knowing what I know now, I don’t see how I could possible let myself go back to our old habits. Your changes are inspiring! Way to stick with it!

  3. It’s all start with your post about your changing habit of eating, and way of life by following lchf, my husband and daughter is getting the hang of eating more veg and cutting down on store bought items, it’s a good guideline to follow and trying to eat more healthier food will see how things goes. I have a question at any point will you try to get the kids on board ? And your right about the grain free baking I tried making the oopsie bread and look can be deceiving ha, so now I got the idea what you mean about no grain food.
    Thanks for the great post!!

    • I try all the time to get the kids on board! I’ve succeeded in winning them over to some low carb foods, and Rachel even prefers many of my snacks to standard snack foods. However, I don’t restrict their carb intake because they’re still growing, and none of them have weight issues or health problems that I feel would necessitate drastic changes in their diet. I try to make small inroads with them. It will take time because, like most kids, they aren’t huge fans of vegetables, which are a staple of the LCHF diet.

  4. Yummy sounding week! We just decided to do the same sort of lighter, easier foods for supper this summer and I think I need to make some buffalo chicken dip like that!

  5. Very much appreciate your post and the food log. I agree with your posts lately regarding food and the LCHF diet. I’m still learning to get over the low fat craze. Thanks for the ideas for meals. And I totally agree with the “most” of the time diet. I’m enjoying the recipes you have posted. Thank you for those.

  6. This was great to read! I like the 80/20 rule & think I’m going to try that! Thanks for taking the time to write this Heather.

  7. Love this post and the variety. It is really helpful to see a week of foods to get a better idea of how to eat this way 🙂

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