My 2015 Goals in Review

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Dec 302015

You may remember that at the beginning of the year, I made this HUGE list of goals for myself. For the first half of the year, I posted monthly updates. Then my kids were home for the summer, my husband was in an accident, I started a business, and life got too busy for me to keep up.

Will I do this again in 2016? Definitely not. I will, of course, set goals for myself, but I’ve decided that keeping a record of them here requires far too much navel gazing for my liking. However, I thought it would be fun to look back over this list and see how I did, so here’s my honest assessment of myself and my progress.

A strike through means I achieved this goal – yay!
Goals in red are those that I either did not complete or, in the case of ongoing goals, those for which I did not make satisfactory progress.

I will write and mail thank-you notes for every gift/thoughtful gesture 
I will send hand-written birthday cards.
I will endeavor to not be quite so hermit-like. (I tried. I really did, but I’m a dyed-in-the-wool hermit by nature).
I will visit one of my elderly church friends once a month.
I will respond to a letter I received. It deserves a response, but I’ve been putting it off because I’m not sure what to say. (I waited until today to do this, but I did do it!)
I will attempt to improve a certain relationship that weighs heavily on me.
I want to have at least one imaginative date every month with my husband (we did okay for a couple months, and then we fell into our old patterns again).
I will work hard to protect the peace and harmony we’ve created in our home by keeping my distance from toxic people.

I will resume Bible study class at church.
I will read through the entire New Testament (Didn’t make it all the way through).
I will pray daily for my husband and children.
I will pray genuinely for the needs of others
I will spend 15 minutes each day in quiet reflection and prayer.

Personal Projects
I will complete three scrapbook projects. (Only finished one).
I’ll finish editing the Economical Eats cookbook, and have it printed and bound for my personal use.
I will revamp the Economical Eats site.
I will put together the 2014 family yearbook.
I will organize (and PURGE) all my printed photos.
I will back up all of my photos on my portable drive.
I want to burn all of our home video clips to DVDs.
I want to get all of our stuff off the old PC and laptop, and part out/recycle them.
I will scan all the photos for my new Mixbook project.
I will read at least 25 books this year. (I didn’t read all the books on my reading list, but I did read 17 of them, and I read more than 25 books overall).
I will write to a soldier once a month through the Soldiers’ Angels program.
I want to learn how to draw better than I did in first grade.
I want to overcome my fear of the sewing machine.
I want to write one article/column/story for publication (not here).

Home and Garden
I want to sand the paint spatters and stain the trim in our bathroom.
I will help my husband sort and organize so he can finish the shop.
I will re-stain the trim in the living room.
I will finish painting next to the basement steps.
I will do something about the landscaping in front of the house.
I want to grow basil and cilantro.
I will clear and reseed the old garden plot
I will remember to plant pumpkins (and weed them) early enough so that they’re orange by Halloween.
I want to grow just one tomato plant and one cucumber plant and not kill them.
I will reorganize my office and not let it fall into complete disarray on a monthly basis 

Health and Appearance – With the exception of exercise (blech), I did really well with all my health goals this year!
I will drink 2 liters of water each day (refill stainless steel water bottle 2 1/2 times).
I’ll continue to maintain my 15-pound weight loss.
I endeavor to lose another 15 pounds this year…and keep it off (I did it!)
Elliptical 3X/week (I still stink at this!)
Only one restaurant meal per month. Ideally none.
Stick to skin care regime.
Grow hair to 6 inches below shoulders, then get purple streak.
I will go to bed when I’m tired, and ignore the clock.
No more artificial sweeteners!
Continue to reduce sugar consumption.
Continue to practice appropriate portion control re: grains/starches to keep PCOS symptoms at bay.

Take the kids ice skating
Take the kids rollerskating and to the movies at least once 
Visit 3 new-to-us state attractions between spring and fall 
Continue word-of-the-day at dinner for vocabulary building.
Have the kids finally make their self-portrait canvasses to hang in the family room (I did buy the paint!)
Read aloud to DJ at least 3 times a week
Fire drill practice again in spring.

Finances – Achieved ALL my financial goals this year, and then some!
Develop cash envelope budgeting system.
I will not buy any craft supplies (except adhesive, if necessary) until I’ve used up what I already have.
Use up and make do. Endeavor to find every possible alternative to spending money
Learn to make at least 3 products that I would otherwise buy.
Earn $200 per month without leaving the house.
Catch up/repay savings

Not a bad year’s progress. 🙂