An Important Announcement

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Apr 242015

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I am no longer accepting requests for access to protected content.

If you fill out the form to request a password for access to protected posts, you will first receive an email with the subject line Protected Content Updates – Please Confirm Subscription. This is simply confirmation that you give permission for me to have your name and email address. You must confirm your subscription in order to receive follow-up emails! After you confirm, you will most likely receive one of two emails from me; an approval message with the subject line, You’re In, or a Request for More Info. An info request doesn’t mean you won’t be approved – it just means that if we’ve communicated in the past and I’ve forgotten, you need to refresh my memory (because there are approximately 2000 people who read this site regularly and I’m getting old).

Be sure to check your spam folder and your trash folder – I’ve gotten reports of the emails being filtered to these locations, probably because they’re generated by an auto-responder (MailChimp). I attempt to process new requests on a daily basis, but don’t panic if you don’t hear from me right away (because kids/work/life….you get my point). If you don’t receive either email after a week, please revisit this post, and please remember that it’s not personal. It’s personal for ME, which is why I had to do this. It was either this, or stop blogging altogether, and I don’t want that. Judging from all the emails I’ve received in the last week, neither do you.

You MUST fill out the form to be considered for the password!

Now, I hate to do this, but I must address some unpleasantry (is this a word? If not I just made it up). Some people are angry with me about the password protection. They feel that they should be allowed to read anything I decide to post simply because they always have, to which I say, um….why, exactly?

Please understand something – relationships are a two-way street. For the last 7 years, I’ve shared many of the details of my life on this site. This was my choice, just as it was your choice to read. Now, I’m choosing to share even more, but only with people who have, in some way, attempted to build a relationship with me over the years. Is this unreasonable? No.

I’m also choosing to not share certain things with people who I feel are too close…because that’s just weird. This says nothing about them, but it speaks volumes about me. This is me exercising what I feel are reasonable limits and boundaries. Unfortunately, this is uncommon in society today, and too many people have no filter whatsoever, but call me crazy….I just don’t want everyone to know my innermost thoughts on every subject. If they did, family gatherings and school events would be really, really awkward. Surely this is not that difficult to understand? Look at it this way…you wouldn’t call up your Mom and ask for permission to read her diary, would you? No. Because there are some things you don’t need to know, and that would be crossing a line.

My husband said to me the other night, “Honey, it seems like you’ve created an awful lot of work for yourself here.” But you know what? I don’t see it that way. I think that I’ve attempted to foster a stronger sense of friendship and community with those people who care about me (for real, not just through superficial internet headpats), and I’ve opened up a new world of freedom for myself as a writer. I don’t mind doing the extra work because relationships require work. At least, relationships worth having do. I’m so tired of hearing people’s excuses for why they can’t be bothered to give a crap…they’re too busy, too tired, they don’t have time, whatever. I don’t want to hear it. If it annoys you that you have to request a password to read about how much I love my husband, that’s unfortunate for you, but I don’t care. The people who want to read because they feel emotionally invested in me and my family don’t mind that they must take the time to fill out a form, and enter a password. The extra work is worth it to them, just as it’s worth it to me.

So! If you’re considering sending me an email complaining about how you don’t like the way I’m managing my site – don’t. Don’t do it, because I will tell you off and you won’t like it. When you pay for, maintain, and single-handedly provide all the content for this site then you can have a say in how it’s run.

To the rest of my readers, I apologize. I really try to keep this site free of crap such as this, and most of the time I succeed…but sometimes people push me too far, and I get pissed off. I’m sorry you had to sit through this spiel. Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming (or whatever. It’s Friday. I need a drink….or a vacation. Or both. Tomorrow is Cakie’s dance recital. Lord, beer me strength).