My 2015 Goals

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Feb 112015

I will write and mail thank-you notes for every gift/thoughtful gesture (did two in January!)
I will send hand-written birthday cards (no more impersonal e-cards).
I will endeavor to not be quite so hermit-like.
I will visit one of my elderly church friends once a month.
I will respond to a letter I received. It deserves a response, but I’ve been putting it off because I’m not sure what to say.
I will attempt to improve a certain relationship that weighs heavily on me.
I want to have at least one imaginative date every month with my husband (we had a thrifting date in January, where we had coffee and then poked around our favorite thrift stores. It was fun, and reminded me of our first summer together).
I will work hard to protect the peace and harmony we’ve created in our home by keeping my distance from toxic people.

I will resume Bible study class at church.
I will read through the entire New Testament.
I will pray daily for my husband and children.
I will pray genuinely for the needs of others.
I will spend 15 minutes each day in quiet reflection and prayer.

Personal Projects
I will complete three scrapbook projects.
I’ll finish editing the Economical Eats cookbook, and have it printed and bound for my personal use (good grief. It feels like this will never get done).
I will revamp the Economical Eats site (I purchased the domain name….it’s a start).
I will put together the 2014 family yearbook.
I will organize (and PURGE) all my printed photos.
I will back up all of my photos on my portable drive.
I want to burn all of our home video clips to DVDs.
I want to get all of our stuff of the old PC and laptop, and part out/recycle them.
I will scan all the photos for my new Mixbook project.
I will read at least 25 books this year (I’m almost a fourth of the way there).
I will write to a soldier once a month through the Soldiers’ Angels program.
I want to learn how to draw better than I did in first grade (which seems to be the level I’m stuck at right now).
I want to overcome my fear of the sewing machine (starting with Rachie’s torn Frozen shirt).
I want to write one article/column/story for publication (not here).

Home and Garden
I want to sand the paint spatters and stain the trim in our bathroom.
I will help my husband sort and organize so he can finish the shop (Done! See this post)
I will re-stain the trim in the living room.
I will finish painting next to the basement steps.
I will do something about the landscaping in front of the house (but what? Ugh…)
I want to grow basil and cilantro.
I will clear and reseed the old garden plot (with my husband’s help, I hope, because it’s going to be hard work).
I will remember to plant pumpkins (and weed them) early enough so that they’re orange by Halloween.
I want to grow just one tomato plant and one cucumber plant and not kill them.
I will reorganize my office and not let it fall into complete disarray on a monthly basis.

Health and Appearance
I will drink 2 liters of water each day (refill stainless steel water bottle 2 1/2 times – doing well with this!)
I’ll continue to maintain my 15-pound weight loss.
I endeavor to lose another 15 pounds this year…and keep it off.
Elliptical 3X/week.
Only one restaurant meal per month. Ideally none.
Stick to skin care regime (I’m terrible about this).
Grow hair to 6 inches below shoulders, then get purple streak (the girls don’t believe I’ll actually do this. They are wrong. I only have about two more inches to go, and I’ve already picked the shade of purple!)
I will go to bed when I’m tired, and ignore the clock. If the kids are in bed, and I feel sleepy, I will SLEEP. (So what if it’s only 9:00 PM? I’m not 25 anymore!)
No more artificial sweeteners! (the occasional Diet Coke is my last hold-out)
Continue to reduce sugar consumption (I’ve already eliminated sweetener in my coffee, and I only buy or bake sweets at Christmas and on birthdays. I can do better at this though!)
Continue to practice appropriate portion control re: grains/starches to keep PCOS symptoms at bay (this has restored my monthly cycle! My other symptoms are greatly improved).

Take the kids ice skating (they’ve been begging to do this).
Take the kids rollerskating and to the movies at least once.
Visit 3 new-to-us state attractions between spring and fall.
Continue word-of-the-day at dinner for vocabulary building.
Have the kids finally make their self-portrait canvasses to hang in the family room (I’ve been wanting to do this forever).
Read aloud to DJ at least 3 times a week.
Fire drill practice again in spring.

Develop cash envelope budgeting system (started this February 1st).
I will not buy any craft supplies until I’ve used up what I already have (adhesive is the only exception, but only if I run out).
Use up and make do. Endeavor to find every possible alternative to spending money (did SUPER at this in January!)
Learn to make at least 3 products that I would otherwise buy.
Reduce food expenditures to thrifty level each month (including restaurant meals, we crept up between the low-cost and moderate levels last year, and I was very disappointed in myself).
Earn $200 per month without leaving the house (earned $219.43 in January!)
Catch up/repay savings (this is ambitious, but I’m aiming high!)