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In my typical day post, I mentioned checking off items on a master grocery list, and several readers asked about this.


I made this list several years ago, and I update it each year to reflect changes in our diet and habits. I’m happy to make it available to you to print and use, but I want to mention a couple of things.

1) This list reflects nearly everything we ever buy, including items we buy every week, and items we buy only occasionally. I do leave empty slots in each category for additions, and because everyone has different dietary preferences, you will probably want to use this list as a jumping off point for creating your own.

2) I make nearly all of my cleaning solutions, so this list has only the basic ingredients.

3) There is a distinct absence of packaged, pre-made foods on this list. With the exception of mac and cheese, occasional chips or crackers, and sometimes granola bars or a box of cereal here and there, we generally do not eat processed/convenience food. We rarely even eat store-bought bread products, but these items are listed because I’m human, and sometimes I get sick or tired. At those times, we buy more packaged food in order to lighten my workload, and that’s OK. What we do 80% of the time constitutes our habits, and as long as those habits are healthy, an occasional indulgence concerns me very little. I am not, nor have I ever been what I refer to as a “militant food Nazi.” In fact, diet fanaticism is a pet peeve of mine, as is political fanaticism, religious fanaticism, or any fanaticism for that matter.

4) We don’t buy beef at the grocery store because we get a quarter from a local farmer each fall. We also eat no pork products or shellfish, so many readers will find the meat category to be inadequate. For a greater understanding of why we eat like we do, I recommend The Bible Diet by Dr. Richard Mays.


I keep a master copy of this list in my HMG, and copy it as I need it. I find that it really helps jog my memory when preparing for shopping trips, as sometimes we’re running low on something but I forget to write in on the dry erase board.

This list is free for your personal use. Click the link below to view and print a PDF version.

Master Grocery List 2013

I hope this is helpful!