DJ Naming the Dinosaurs

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Feb 252014

I’m a little overloaded this week with speech writing for MOPS next week, and working on the dreaded tax return, but I wanted to share this little video I took of DJ rattling off the names of all the dinosaurs in his favorite book.

My favorite part is when he argues with me over what the book says, even though he can’t read! I think he has a promising future in debate. His counterpoint of choice will simply be, “No, it doesn’t.”


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  1. Wow, he’s so smart, I can’t believe he remembered all those big names!

  2. Wow, he is wonderful. I do not think I could pronounce the names of those dinosaurs. He is just amazing. It really shows that SOMEONE spends a lot of time with him to help him learn. He has an amazing family.

  3. That is so cute. My son loved doing the same thing with all his dinosaur books. His favourite was the Quetzalcoatlus. The more complicated the name, the better!

  4. After, “No, it doesn’t”, I chuckled over that one for a while. It was great how you said, “Okay”, and moved on. Choose those battles 🙂

  5. Love the video of DJ! He’s adorable!~
    *Missing you on my regular blog-hopping-trail. 🙁 *Hope to see you back soon– and hope Spring is beginning to awaken in your area, too (the cherry blossoms [that’s what I’ve always called them anyway…] are covering lots of trees here in Alabama..)! 🙂

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