The Top 10 Posts of 2013

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Dec 312013

As I’ve done every year since the advent of this blog in 2008, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 most popular posts of the year, based on comment count. I hope you enjoy reading through them again, as I did.

10. Upstairs Laundry!: The reveal of our new upstairs laundry room after almost 9 months of work. You shared in my enthusiasm for this project because laundry is the bane of every woman’s existence, I’m pretty sure.

9. A Typical Day at Our House (2013): One day each year, I keep my camera with me and document the day’s happenings. These posts are always reader favorites.

8. The Girls’ New Rooms, and My New Office!: After living practically on top of each other in their tiny bedroom for 3 years, the girls got brand new rooms in our basement. Their bedroom became my private office, an incredible luxury after 5 years of trying to work in a corner of our kitchen. I can’t even accurately describe the huge difference these changes have made in our lives.

7. Homemade Honey Lemon Cough Syrup: This recipe has been the #1 most visited post on the blog for most of the year. It’s a home remedy that really works!

6. From Wallow to Work: “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” I wrote this post after my yearly bout with seasonal depression.

5. My Index Card File Cleaning System: This is basically a series of index cards, each with a specific task written on it. If you’re easily overwhelmed by long and seemingly endless to-do lists, and you want a cleaning system that will break up necessary work into small tasks that you can focus on one at a time, this post is for you.

4. Corners of Our Home: A photo slideshow of our home – post-remodeling – but also a reveal of my new blogging philosophy of writing what I want, when I want. You will not find a “brand” here – just me – and while this isn’t the way blogging is done anymore, it’s the way we do it here at WWYH.

3. To Moms of Mean Girls: This plea to mothers of girls struck a nerve, sparked interesting dialogue, and was later syndicated by BlogHer.

2. Text Me Every 30 Seconds That Everything is Going to Be OK: I wrote this post when I was terrified about the possibility that my husband could have cancer. Ironically, September is usually my favorite month, but this year it was the WORST.

1. It’s a Good Day, Sister: My husband did not have cancer, and this post got its title from a stranger in white at a gas station, who hugged me after we got the good news. But….I learned afterwards that nobody saw or remembers her but me. Weird? Yes…but in a nice way. I like to think that maybe she was an angel standing by.