Dec 052013

Earlier this week, I mentioned on Facebook that I’d created a list of 24 small projects to declutter my entire home by Christmas. Several readers requested that I post this list, so I created an Advent Cleaning Calendar of sorts.

This calendar is free for your personal use. Click the link to print a PDF version of the file.

Advent Cleaning Calendar

As you’re decluttering, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to dust, wipe down, and vacuum all those cabinets, drawers, closets, and other little nooks in the home that may be neglected. This will give you a fresh, clean place to put the items that you deem worthy of keeping. Also, have a box or bag ready for the things you no longer want, and have a plan in place for disposing of them. I like to take full boxes of donations right to the van. It gets them out of the way, and I can’t forget about them when I leave to run errands.

I also like to keep a notepad and pen with me when I organize and declutter, to make notes about things that need to be repaired, projects I want to complete, supplies that need to be replenished, etc.

Decluttering makes you feel free!

Have fun 🙂