Upstairs Laundry!

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Sep 042013

Check it out! – I’m doing laundry in my ground floor laundry room today!

I simply cannot adequately express how ridiculously happy this makes me. Doing 5 people’s laundry suddenly got a whole lot easier. My husband even built a pedestal so that I won’t have to bend over when transferring laundry from the washing machine to the dryer. He’s my adorable little packrat, so he always saves even the smallest scraps of lumber. For this project, he bought only a bottle of wood glue, and saved us about $200. It made me smile when I saw that the top of the pedestal is actually my old desktop from when we worked at our auto shop together. It rested on top of two small filing cabinets, and made a large work surface. Now it’s working for me in a new way. 🙂

I bought this inexpensive ($15) laundry sorter to keep the laundry waiting to be done off the floor. I was skeptical because it didn’t seem that big, but it holds a lot!

Also, I now have a laundry sink! This is something I’ve missed so much. I love it for presoaking clothes, and at the end of the day I can hang my wet, dirty dishrags over the rim to dry. So convenient.

I made another advance in the laundry system this week – I taught Bee how to use the washer and dryer. Last night, my husband and I went into town for coffee for about an hour, as a babysitting test for her. When we got home, she had started a load of whites! This weekend, we’re going to get the cabinet doors painted and installed, and this room will be done (it only took 9 months, but patience is essential for the frugal life. We saved a lot of money by doing so much work ourselves). This year, my husband and I have taken so many proactive steps to make our lives easier and better. It was an enormous amount of work, and I’m really sick of painting, but with the addition of an office for me, bedrooms for the girls, and the upstairs laundry room, we’ve created so much useful space, and made our household very organized and efficient. Up next – cleaning and organizing my husband’s shop (it’s gross!)