It’s a Good Day, Sister

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Sep 242013

This morning, my husband said that he needed to go on the road to take pictures of comps, and he would be gone for most of the day. The thought of staying at home by myself, worrying and fretting, and waiting for the phone to ring, was not appealing in the least, so I asked if he wanted me to come along. He said yes.

We stopped for lunch in a small-town cafe, and I struck up a conversation with the elderly lady eating alone at the next table. She said that she’d been a school bus driver for 43 years, and was on her way home to see her dogs. She was sweet and friendly, and I got the feeling that she was quite lonely. I looked across the table at my husband, and thought about how seeing his handsome face at the end of the day is sometimes the only thing I look forward to.

Later in the day, our travels took us right by the idyllic country church where I married my first – now ex – husband. I hadn’t been there in more than 13 years, so I asked if it would be OK if we stopped. As we walked in the cool autumn light, my husband turned to me and said, “This is a much prettier setting for a wedding than an Amtrak train.” I kissed him gently, and reminded him, “I will take our wedding – and our life – over that one, any time.”

When my husband was photographing his last house, he asked me to check his phone messages, because we’d been in and out of our service area for most of the day. The first message was from the nurse at his urologist’s office. As soon as I heard her say, “….calling about your test results,” I panicked, stopped listening, and hung up.

We drove to the nearest convenience store, and I took DJ in to go potty while my husband called the doctor’s office. I stood in that dingy gas station bathroom, and I prayed like I’d never prayed before. Over and over, I begged, “Please God…please.”

While DJ wandered around, trying to decide on a snack, I looked up and saw my husband – the man I love so dearly, more than anything in the world – walking by the front windows, toward the door. I squinted through the bright sunlight, trying to read his expression, but I couldn’t see his face clearly. He walked in, looked around for me, and reluctantly I met his eye.

He gave me a thumbs up.

I promptly fell apart.

All the tension and fear of the last 3 weeks melted away, and I started sobbing hysterically. I covered my face with my hands, and he put his arms around me. I clung to his neck, shaking and crying and thanking God. Everyone was staring at us, but I didn’t care because I knew he was going to be OK, and nothing else mattered.

When I finally calmed down, and my sobs turned to sniffles and hiccups, the desk clerk asked, “Everything OK, friend?” My husband answered, “Oh yes, it’s good news…I just found out that I don’t have cancer!” A jovial, bearded man in overalls exclaimed, “Congratulations!” and shook his hand enthusiastically, as a slender blonde woman in a white sweater – a total stranger who’d been standing near the cash register- made her way over to me. She took my tear-stained face in her hands, and then she hugged me.

She said, simply, “You love him.”

“I do,” I told her. “I really do.”

“It’s a good day, sister,” she replied.

Before we left, the clerk also shook my husband’s hand, and he said quietly, “Faith in God, you know. That’s what it’s all about.”

Amen to that.



  76 Responses to “It’s a Good Day, Sister”

  1. Praise our wonderful Lord! He is soooo good! I am so relieved and happy for you!

  2. wow. Now I’m crying. So happy for you!!

  3. Oh Heather, I can’t tell you how this post touched my heart. By the end I was in tears. I prayed for you and your husband because my husband and I have that kind of love for each other too. I am so glad for you both. Now you can breathe again and not live in dread or fear. God Bless You Both!

  4. Thank God! I am sitting here sobbing happy tears for your family! I can truly feel your relief! Best post EVER!!!

  5. Praise the Lord! Very happy for you. I have been thinking of you and praying for you these last couple of weeks. (Long time reader, first time commenting.)

  6. Wow what a day, I am so extremely happy to hear your news. What nice people to celebrate such a joyous moment with.

  7. So happy to hear!! God is god. Never underestimate the power of prayer!!

  8. Thrilled for you, Heather. Wonderful news!! I’ll hold my husband a little closer and will be sure to be extra thankful for him. Your commitment to each other is inspiring.

  9. Glad to hear. But I think you are stronger than you allow yourself to believe. I am not wishing it on you guys….I just wish you had more faith in yourself to handle what God and life throws at you.

    • Well, I don’t know what to say to this comment except that I’m glad you’re not wishing it on us?

      I think we do have a lot of faith in ourselves and in our marriage. However, considering that we watched someone we love die from this disease less than 2 years ago, we weren’t exactly eager to relive that experience.

      • Honestly I mean no offense. I read your blog and I am in awe of all you do. I think you can handle anything. No its not a nice disease. My dad went through lymphoma. I didn’t mean I thought you could handle death….I only mean I think you can handle any challenge life gives you. I only mean for it to be a compliment to your strength. I think you are stronger than you believe.

  10. Rejoicing with you and praising God! So thankful that your honey is cancer free. God knows you and the kids need him. So very happy for your good news!!!

  11. Wow, such wonderful news! It brought tears to my eyes and shivers up my spine to read your post. Thanks so much for the update! I am so glad your husband’s news was positive. Shirley in Washington

  12. Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
    They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

    Lamentations 3:22-23

    I’m so happy for you, Heather.

  13. Oh my gosh…I cried so much reading this post Heather!!! This was your best post yet…and I just LOVE your organizing and cleaning posts…LOL! I wish I lived in Iowa…I would have driven to your home to give you and hubby a great big {{{HUG}}} May God continue to Bless you both today and always my friend xo xo

  14. HUGE sigh of relief for you (and some happy tears) from Minnesota! I don’t know how many times I’ve checked your blog for an update in the past few days. : ) Your readers SO appreciate you sharing your wonderful news with us! How wonderful that some kind strangers at the gas station were there to share in your happy moment!! God is good!

  15. Crud. Now I’m crying again. I’m so happy for you all.

  16. Whew! I am crying too. What a rollercoaster you have been on. I am SO happy for you and Glen and your happy ever after! *Sigh*

  17. Praise Jesus! Woohooooooo!!!!!

  18. Have been checking your blog every day since your last post for news. SO pleased to hear the good news πŸ™‚

  19. Praise God. Happy tears. Love to you all.

  20. I am crying happy tears for you. It’s a good day indeed.

  21. I started crying as well. So glad you got good news! Praise God!

  22. Oh, thank you, Jesus! I was so delighted to get this news this morning.

  23. Choking up here! I can’t even imagine!! Praise God!!

  24. I’ve never commented on your blog before, though I’ve been a reader for a long time. But I’ve been in the background, praying and praying for you and your husband. This is wonderful news! The Lord is good!!

  25. We’ve been praying all week! Thank you, Lord!

  26. It’s nice to feel my eyes swim in happy tears this morning.

  27. So very happy for your wonderful news! God is good.

  28. Praise the Lord! I love that Healer is one of his many names!

  29. I am very relieved for you. And happy that you were with such good people at the time you heard. I bet it was a great day for them too, and they will remember it!

  30. Hahahaha, and I’m just here, crying too. Glory be to God!
    I’m so happy for you guys!

  31. This made me tear up:) So happy to hear the wonderful news! p.s. this was so beautifully written, you are so talented!

  32. God is good, CHEERS!!!

  33. Crying in MT– tears of joy! What a beautiful story– not only the GREAT news for your family, but about the connectedness of us all. Love this. Thank you for sharing it. Now, go CELEBRATE!

  34. oh Lordy! fantastic news!
    you guys are the sweetest thing ever!
    eat love and pray.. is all you need:))

  35. Praise the LORD! God is good! I have been praying for your family. Truly a wonderful answer to prayers! Bless you and your family Heather!

  36. So glad to hear this wonderful news! I’ve been thinking of your family often. πŸ™‚

  37. Yay…so glad the worry is over for you both πŸ™‚

  38. Crying as I read this, Heather! So very happy to hear you got good news. I’m very grateful for your blog & the sweet testimony that you & your husband are together. The love and commitment is clear from your writing.

  39. Happy Dance! Happy Dance! !!
    What a relief! Such good news….
    I have been through this twice, my husband, not good, and my fiance, good so far.
    So I was so glad and relieved to hear that your husband’s biopsy was negative……and you can take a deep breath and get back to norm.
    Thank you for sharing.

  40. I’ve also been waiting on an update. I kept your last post marked unread in my bloglovin feed so that I would be reminded to pray several times daily.

    I’m so happy to hear the wonderful news. Praise God!!

  41. I’ve been checking your blog everyday to see if you had any news. I’m crying happy tears for you!! Congratulations!

  42. I’ve been so worried. Thank God he’s OK and the news was so good. I am so happy for your family. Here’s to a lifetime of good health!

  43. Beautiful! Hope and joy shared in unexpected places, with unexpected people! Been praying and so happy to hear the story of this good day!

  44. Wow, what a relief and what wonderful news!

  45. Tears in my eyes. Wonderful news

  46. So happy to hear the good news. I have been praying for you and your husband and checking your blog daily hoping to see an update. Your post was written beautifully and brought tears to my eyes.

  47. Tears streaming down my face! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

  48. oh Heather! This is awesome news! God is SOOOOO good and so faithful! Rejoicing with you!

  49. Yes, along with most of the other comments I am crying too but am also very happy for your good news!!

  50. Good news…I have been checking and checking your blog. So happy for ALL of you guys. Praise God.

  51. glad I haven’t read the blog since the laundry update. I got the good news before the bad news. sorry you had it the other way around.

  52. Amen! Happy tears here in Massachusetts. Will be giving hub an extra hug.

  53. So happy for you guys

  54. Praise God! I have been praying for you and your family. So happy to see the post today!!

  55. Crying happy tears! Praise God!

  56. What a perfect day! God is so good

  57. Heather,
    I have been checking your blog every day since you shared this and I just now read this update. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us. If only you know how much I have learned from you. To say I am happy for you would be the understatement of the year. Sending so much love your way !!

  58. Wonderful news Heather!!!!

  59. Heather, such wonderful news!! Big hugs to you and all your family today.

  60. Thank God for His grace and mercy. What a wonderful praise report.

  61. Wonderful News! So happy for you guys πŸ™‚

  62. Wonderful news! Many Blessings on the rest of your Praise The Lord week!

  63. Add me to the list of criers! I’m so, so glad to read this good news, Heather! Such a beautifully written post. I’m so relieved for you!

  64. Amen!! *Praising the Lord {and crying} with you!~ (( ))

  65. Isn’t our God amazing? I am so glad to hear the good news about your husband’s test. God bless you and your family.

  66. Praise the Lord! It’s funny how I can be so happy for someone I have never met, I am crying tears of joy for you! God Bless!

  67. What wonderful news! Brought great big happy tears to my eyes! The power of prayer in amazing! God bless your family! Glad you two can breath a sigh of relief and get on with your wonderful life!

  68. Just reading this good news tonight. I am so happy for you that everything is okay. Our God is so good.

  69. best news ever

  70. Praise God!!!

  71. I am so so happy for your family. Praise The Lord!!!!

  72. Glad to hear this… I’ve been avoiding checking the blog because I was worried! That sounds silly! But I am happy for your family πŸ™‚

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