Jun 062013

Since I’ve not posted about it for awhile, several readers have asked about whether the laundry room is finished or not. The answer is…not. However, we have made some more progress. My husband installed the plywood sub-floor, and the vinyl flooring we bought (several months ago – time really gets away from us these days),

and today, our contractors came back and installed all the trim.

I just love this floor. It looks great with the wall color, and transitions very nicely to the oak floor in the kitchen.

Now that this much is finished we can move our freezer, which goes against the back wall, upstairs tonight. Unfortunately, we can’t move the washer/dryer up because the plumbing isn’t completely finished. Although we don’t have the cabinet doors painted yet, I’ve been taking advantage of all the storage space to house my surplus pantry goods. No more running downstairs every time I need something!

When we put this laundry room in, we closed in the two little windows on the west wall of our garage. Our house was built in 1971, and it still has the original 8″ insulated steel siding with “grain,” as was popular back in the day. We assumed that we’d have to reside that entire part of the house because we’d never be able to find siding that would match, but our contractor somehow managed to locate a box of the EXACT same siding, which saved us a lot of time and money. I have no idea how he did it, but I’m very grateful! All we have to do is paint this section gray, to match the rest of the house. Fortunately we still have paint leftover from when we had the house and buildings painted in 2005.

In other news, the kids are finished with school for the summer, and we enjoyed all of their year-end activities. Cakes had her kindergarten zoo, and like her sister before her, she chose to research elephants. Her Dad helped her build this cool habitat out of a cardboard box, and some of his model railroading supplies. He also used a piece of leftover corkboard to make “sand,” and I printed a color backdrop so it would look like African scenery.

That's supposed to be an elephant mask she's wearing, but we thought it came off as more Halloween than Zoo, unfortunately.

Cakie’s “job” was to sell popcorn after her animal shift was over.

Her little brother was her best customer.

The girls also had their spring dance recital last weekend. I took video, but I don’t have it edited yet.

Cakes, who is never without a notebook and something to draw with, accidentally got blue ink on her costume before her performance. Other than that, everything went well.

Grandpas and Grandmas came to watch the recital,

and my Dad brought the kids a geode, which they thought was pretty cool.

I was relieved to have this entire week free, and I got the kids signed up for swimming lessons and summer reading. This morning I took them to the library, and the Science Center, since our membership expires at the end of June (and we’re not renewing it). DJ went right for the dinosaur exhibits, of course. He’s a dinosaur nut!

This bearded dragon is named Einstein.

The girls had fun playing with the dress-up costumes, and they even convinced DJ to help them put on a play that they made up.

He was a scary dinosaur who was trying to eat them.

Later in the month, we’ll embark on our summer family adventure – a week-long RV trip! We rented an RV in order to save money on hotel rooms and food, and also so that DJ, who is newly potty-trained, will have easy access to a bathroom at all times. Our plan is to take the kids to the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead in Mansfield, MO (which I’ve longed to visit since I was a little girl), and to several places in St. Louis, including the Magic House, the zoo, and the girls’ Mecca – the Build-a-Bear Workshop headquarters. Our local BABW arranged a tour for us, and apparently the headquarters has a display of every animal ever made. We’ve been diligently saving for this trip, and the kids are ridiculously excited (the girls are literally counting the days). I’m not a huge fan of camping so I’m somewhat less enthused, but I think we’ll create some wonderful family memories, as well as some interesting blog fodder.

Surely there will be at least one Crap Family episode in there somewhere.