Mar 012013

I’m a person who loves change. Not huge, life-altering changes, necessarily, but little ones. I think for stay-at-home mothers, who spend a great deal of time staring at the same four walls, change is particularly important, and especially appreciated.

Yesterday, I was very depressed. I learned yesterday morning that our credit card number was stolen, for the second time in two years, and used to buy nearly $500 in food and drinks at a bar. In FRANCE. Our credit card statement said “The Atlantic Bar,” so we thought it was used in Chicago, but the representative we spoke to said it was actually a French bar, which is why we also had several “foreign transaction fees,” on our account. I was quite discouraged because it’s a huge pain in the butt to deal with this sort of thing, even when you’re not held liable for the charges.

Then it started snowing….again. It had been snowing pretty much non-stop for two days.

Then, DJ dumped cranberry juice all over the carpet in his room, AND cut a big hole in his new shirt with a pair of scissors left on the table by Cakes.

So…yeah. Yesterday was not my favorite day of all time.

This morning though, I woke up to bright sunshine streaming through the windows, and when I went downstairs to start the usual load of laundry, I spotted the new comforter set I bought for our bed, waaaayyyy back before Christmas, sitting on a shelf. I’ve been waiting to use it until I could find time to paint our room, but I thought to myself, “What are you waiting for? So what if it won’t look ‘perfect.’ Seize the day!”

As soon as I put it on the bed, I felt immediately better. I felt refreshed. Invigorated. Inspired, even! I decided to clean our entire room, really thoroughly, which I’ve been meaning to do for the last, er….well. Several months, at least.

It looks, smells, and feels so fresh and clean now, and I feel a million times better. People like me, who lean toward perfectionism, tend to put things off until we can do them perfectly (as if there is such a thing). The result is often that we never do them at all, thereby missing out on something that might really make us happy.

So…is there a change you’ve been wanting to make, but you’ve been waiting for the “perfect” time? Maybe that time is right now!