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Mar 042013

The kids and I got flu shots back in January, but the children all got sick last week anyway (not me….yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time). Fortunately, the illness was mild for both Bee and DJ, who didn’t even spike fevers, but poor little Cakes had a fairly high fever that lasted for two full days. On Friday, when she got home from school, she seemed fine. On Friday night I went to the city for my haircut appointment, and when I got home my husband said that she’d been crying because I was gone. This isn’t like her, so when I tucked her in, I said, “Dad says you were crying tonight. How come?” She told me, “Because I didn’t feel good and I needed you!” She felt warm, so I took her temp, and sure enough – 100.5. By the next morning it was up to 102.3, and that’s where it stayed all weekend. She’s eaten almost nothing since breakfast on Friday, and I can tell she feels pretty miserable. Her temp is normal this morning, and she says she’s a little better, but she and DJ are taking turns coughing. CONSTANTLY. I know they can’t help it, but it’s making me nuts.

Since we were stuck at home all weekend with sick children, my husband and I got them all settled with movies, drinks, snacks, the vaporizer, blankets, pillows, and a barf bucket (just in case), and went to work on the laundry room.

While I tended to the kids, my husband took the doors off the cabinets and thoroughly cleaned them, to prepare them for painting.

In between meal preps and administering Tylenol, we managed to get the ceiling and walls painted on Saturday, using another custom color created by mixing more free Swap Shop paint. I originally snagged this gray-blue-green color with the intention of painting my office, but we decided that was unnecessary so it seemed like a good color for the laundry room instead. However, after we opened it we thought it was too dark, so we decided to mix it with some beige paint to lighten it up, and tone down the blue a bit.

After it was mixed, we were worried that we didn’t have enough paint to give the walls two coats, with enough leftover for future touch-ups. Fortunately, on his last trip to the Swap Shop, my husband picked up all the white and off-white paints they had, so we stirred some of this color in too, until we had about two gallons.

There’s no way to know how old free Swap Shop paint is, or if it’s still good, but it’s typically fine once it’s stirred thoroughly. We’ve only picked up one can that was no longer usable.

When the paint was all mixed I was skeptical, because it looked more beige than the sagey green I wanted.

However, after it dried I thought it was perfect. Exactly like I envisioned it!

My husband joked that we should market our custom colors, but this wouldn’t be a successful venture since we always just dump a whole bunch of colors together and hope for the best.

On Sunday, my husband got all the electrical work done, and installed the light fixtures, while I worked on painting the cabinet frames with more free paint. Since beginning these remodeling projects in December, we estimate that the Swap Shop has saved us at least $200, and we’ve kept approximately 8 gallons of paint out of the landfill.

We still have to paint the cabinet doors, but now we can go ahead and order our flooring!

I’m really happy to have made so much progress, in spite of the kids being sick, but I have to say….I’m VERY sick of painting.


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  1. Love the color!!! My kitchen cabinets could use a coat. . . .ya mmmkay. 🙂

  2. That is a very nice color. I really like it. Your laundry room is going to be so nice.

  3. One of my kids got the same virus! I thought for sure it was the flu, but the test came back negative. It’s actually all over their school so I have no idea how my older daughter hasn’t gotten it. I have 5 kids and only 1 has had it so far. It is a nasty one! I hope your babies are feeling better soon! And btw, I love the color that the laundry room came out.

  4. WOW, the laundry room looks great Heather!!! You and your husband are a great remodeling team!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Sorry that the kids are sick 🙁 Only 16 more days until Spring…just keep saying that to yourself 🙂

  5. The laundry room looks great! 🙂 So excited for you (and that things seem to be moving right along). 🙂 PS – I am the “here’s a barf bucket just in case” kind of mom too. 😉

  6. Hi! I’ve just found your site and am enjoying it very much! I love the idea of the Swap Shop, and I love the final paint color you all created. I’ve got to check this out in my area. Some of the stores have “oops” paint at reduced prices, but I’ve not heard of a Swap Shop-type set-up before.

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