Jan 072013

The girls’ basement bedrooms are ready to paint!

This is the little hallway leading to their rooms:

Bee choose the room on the left because it felt cozy to her,

and Cakie’s is at the end of the hall.

At the other end of the hall, we still have this little play/family room area, with our old TV and computer, and the kids’ toy shelves. It will be much nicer and more spacious when my craft table and shelves are moved upstairs to my new OFFICE!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to paint this weekend. We originally planned to get this done over Christmas break, but I came down with a terrible case of pinkeye (on my birthday, even! And it was more like red-eye, with crusty green goop in the corners) and pretty much felt like crap on a cracker for 3 days until it cleared up. Also, my husband had to have a cracked tooth extracted, and it’s not healing as quickly as we hoped, so he’s been having a lot of pain. These things only seem to happen to us on holidays or special occasions, or when we’ve made plans of some kind, because we are (altogether now!) the Crap Family, as you know.

Yesterday, we sold the girls’ loft bed, and fortunately we still have their twin bed frames and headboards stored in our back building, from when they used to have separate bedrooms (before the advent of DJ). We got enough money out of their loft bed to buy them new mattress/box spring sets, but we can’t get to the city until Tuesday, so for now they’re sleeping in their Christmas sleeping bags.

With the exception of their clothes, and a few things they wanted to keep out, we have all their stuff divided and packed in labeled boxes, which we stacked by the furnace in the basement. I need to buy a can of pink spray paint to paint a garage sale-purchased shelf for Bee, and I also need to pick up another hamper, and a small bulletin board for her, plus curtains for both their windows. We bought curtain rods (new in package – originally VERY expensive at JCPenney), and another dresser at garage sales last summer, and through a combination of creativity and repurposing, we have everything else we need to furnish both rooms! We even found all of these paints, in various shades of pink and purple, at the Swap Shop, for FREE!

When we mix all the pinks together, and all the purples together, adding white as needed¬† (we’re going to use up all the little jars and containers of white paint, which we have sitting around, leftover from other projects), they will most likely produce satisfactory shades of pale pink, and light purple – which is what Bee and Cakes requested, respectively – with enough leftover for touch-ups, thereby saving us approximately $50, and keeping a bunch of paint out of the landfill.

Now THAT is recycling at its finest!