A Dream Come True

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Jan 092013

I think mothers of many small children will definitely get where I’m coming from when I say that my dream come true is not a fancy house, or a vacation, or winning American Idol.  No, no….it’s much simpler than that.

It’s an upstairs laundry room.

Since having children, I’ve never had one. In every house we’ve lived in as a family, I’ve had to haul heavy baskets of dirty clothes down to the basement to wash them. When it was just me, my husband, and Bee, I didn’t really mind it that much. But, as the years have passed, we’ve added 2 more children, and I broke my ankle. This changes everything. Not only are there a lot more clothes to haul, but I practically endanger my life every time I have to teeter down a flight of stairs on my now weak and wobbly ankle, while carrying an overflowing basket which prevents me from seeing my feet.

Yesterday, work that will make our lives so much easier began. We’re very fortunate to have an extra-deep attached garage (presumably to accommodate 70s-era boat-like cars), so we hired the same crew that built the girls’ basement bedrooms to raise the floor, and frame up the back part of the garage for a laundry/mud room.

With the floor raised, we'll actually be able to use all those cabinets along the ceiling. They've never made any sense to us, because you'd have to be around 7 feet tall to reach them.

Currently, we have a series of hooks and a basket for shoes, right inside the garage door, which is where we typically enter the house.

The door coming into the kitchen will be removed, and the doorway will be opened up. The exterior door going out to the garage will be replaced with an interior door leading to the laundry room. The floor joists are in place now, so you can see what the layout will be like.

Right now, when the girls get off the school bus, they come up the hill and through our sliding door in the dining room. This doesn’t work very well, because they have to walk all the way through the kitchen to hang up their stuff, and they track snow, salt, dirt, and sand all over the wood floors. When the laundry room is done, they will instead use this garage entrance door on our back patio, which is right next to the door that goes from the garage into the house.

The door will also be raised.

We’re having school locker-sized cubbies built in the corner by the door, so as soon as they come in they can hang up all their stuff, and take off their shoes/boots before they come into the house. This will make it so much easier to keep the house clean and organized.

The plumbing and heating/cooling ductwork is being done today, and in a couple of months, this room will be a reality. What I love best about this project, and also the girls’ bedroom project, is that we don’t have to go through all the hard work, stress, and expense of moving to a bigger house, or even adding on to this house. Instead, we’re simply making better use of the space we already have, which is kind of what this blog is all about (my husband sometimes says that I should’ve called it “USE What You Have”).

When these projects are complete, daily life is going to be quite different – in a good way. As my husband said to me this morning, “There are going to be some big changes around here this year, sweetheart. Big changes.”


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  1. So exciting! I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished rooms.

  2. So happy for you! I believe that flow and functionality in a home have everything to do with peace and comfort. I can’t wait to see it. I might be reading too much into it, but was there some foreshadowing in that last statement about big changes?

  3. This is so exciting!!! It’s so refreshing to see a great example of making the best out of what you have, rather than ‘moving up’. So sensible and inspiring (as always)!

  4. It sounds very exciting! Good luck with all the changes that are happening… Hopefully this will be a great year for you and your family.

  5. So cool and I’m a quite jealous. I’m happy to see you getting your dream.

  6. LOVE what you’re doing!! I want to do exactly this. I’m thankful for my laundry chute in the bathroom, but dislike having to carry it all upstairs.

  7. I bet you can’t wait for it to be done! So excited for you!

  8. Exciting.

  9. I burst out laughing when I got to what your dream was. Then I had to read it to my husband. 😀 He’s heard me mention wanting an upstairs laundry before and laughed as well.

  10. Woohoo!! So excited for you!! You are going to have the feel of a new house without the hassle of a move. I know remodeling is a hassle as well, but still. 😉 Can’t wait to see the girls rooms, your office and the new laundry/mud room!!

  11. That sounds heavenly!! I’ve always wanted a main floor laundry room! We’ve got 3 littles and another on the way and laundry just takes up so much time. Plus going down the stairs with a full load and my big ole belly is tretcherous! I know you guys have saved to pay cash and that it took a while. It gives me the confidence that with some sacrifice and patience we can too!

  12. Oh good for you!! So jealous too!! I absolutely hate my downstairs laundry. It ends up being nothing buy a pile — because its out of sight. The only spot I would have is the pantry off the kitchen. It would be a tight squeeze and I really doing want to have to do the plumbing. . .

    well maybe I’ll take another look at that plumbing. Lucky you, I have to do alot of that myself.

    The pantry clutter would be better contained in the basement with shelving.

    Off to find my measuring tape. . . .

  13. For years our laundry was in our garage. It was cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and always a mess…Then when we enclosed our garage to be a family room (we built a detatched garage in back) I finally got a nice laundry room. I love our laundry room. It has plenty of room for sorting, folding, and hanging. Makes doing laundry almost ‘easy’ for me.
    Hope you enjoy your new laundry room/mud room when it is done. I know it will be a real blessing to your home.

  14. I am in awe Heather!!! I have always wanted a laundry room on the main floor!!! I think it’s funny though that now you get a laundry room on the main floor and 2 of your 3 children now go downstairs where the laundry room was…LOL! Will you have the girls carry up their dirty laundry and carry down the clean? Great pictures of all the work being done! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!! 🙂

    • Janel, I said the same thing! But G told the girls that they would have to bring their laundry upstairs or it wouldn’t get washed, so this responsibility will be theirs now. They’re old enough to handle it, I think. We even bought Cakes a small laundry basket, since the full-sized ones are kind of unwieldy for her.

      • Your girls are very responsible Heather…I’m sure they will get on board quickly! What your husband said to the girls is what I do with my oldest son…his room gets pretty bad sometimes with all his clothes on the floor, but I refuse to pick it up…he’s 25…I was already married at that age!!!

  15. Sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see the finish product.

  16. I’m a wee bit jealous of your upper level laundry room, but also totally excited for you! I look forward to seeing pictures.
    My 2 year-old daughter already helps me with the laundry by throwing the dirty clothes into the laundry bags, and helping me move items from the washing machine into the dryer. She also likes to help stuff the cloth diapers. I feel pretty blessed to already have such a willing helper:)

  17. Ah yes, laundries are the greatest thing! I’m lucky to have an ‘actual’ laundry in this house – I’ve been used to semi-detached / downstairs / under the stairs laundries in all my other houses!
    So nice to pop in on your blog Heather. For some reason, the link won’t work when I try to add it to my ‘inspiration list’ on my blog – meaning I’m missing all your new posts. Not sure why. Ideas?

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