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Nov 162012

Because I’m thankful for you, my loyal readers, I like to offer a fun little giveaway this time of year. Last year, through my affiliation with Grace Hill Media, I had the pleasure of interviewing Roma Downey, former Touched By An Angel star, and executive producer of the Little Angels DVD series for children. These are wonderful, faith-based educational DVDs that kids and parents can enjoy together, and one reader can win all of the following:

*Little Angels 123’s DVD

*Little Angels decorative wall decals

*A special bonus DVD sleeve, autographed by Roma Downey.

If you would like to enter to win, you can do one or all of these things:

-Like Little Angels on Facebook (click HERE)
-Like Want What You Have on Facebook (click HERE
-Subscribe to the Want What You Have RSS feed (click HERE)
-Promote this giveaway on your own blog, web site, or Facebook page, and leave a link to your post in the comments
-Leave a comment on this post, telling me what you’re most thankful for this year

Each of these 5 activities counts as one entry, so you must leave a comment for each one you do, so that I can be sure to give you proper credit for them. Contest ends Wednesday, November 21st at noon.

Good luck!

Note: Giveaway items were provided, at no cost to me, by Grace Hill Media. Winner will be drawn at random. Postage costs necessary to ship items to contest winner will be paid for by me.

  63 Responses to “Little Angels Thanksgiving Giveaway”

  1. I liked you on Facebook!

  2. I liked Little Angels on Facebook!

  3. I am most thankful for my family which includes my wonderful husband, and four beautiful children!

  4. This year I am most thankful for my beautiful daughter who is turning one tomorrow (I could cry and cheer at the same time) and the opportunity I had this year to quit my job and become a full time stay at home Mommy.

  5. I “liked” Little Angels on Facebook!!

  6. I already like you on Facebook:o)

  7. I am most thankful this year for my family- my loving husband and darling 2 year old, for salvation through Jesus’ life, death, and ressurection, and for fun giveaways;oP (Thank you for having this giveaway!!)

  8. I subscribed to the RSS feed!!!

  9. This year I have had plenty of reasons to be thankful, but I especially would like to share with you a few: I’m so happy because the results of my sister’s tests came back negative, it seems that we can finally say we are cancer free :) ! I’m so happy because this year I have witnessed every milestone in my 2 1/2 years son’s life. He amazes me everyday and I just cannot be thankful enough for having this little angel in my life. And finally, but not least, I’m thankful because God, in His amazing grace, is giving me strength, peace and acceptance. After some rough years, I’m finally feeling like my old self again (and with all the desire for improvement, hahahha!).

  10. I liked Little Angels on facebook!

  11. I already “like” you on facebook. :)

  12. I’m subscribed to you too.

  13. I am most thankful that I’m finally starting to feel a little better since my second baby was born. Partly due to finally going to the doctor, but mostly because of a wonderful Christian therapist who is helping me work through PPD and other issues. She’s amazing. :)

  14. I liked you on facebook

  15. I liked Little Angels.

  16. I am entering by leaving a comment, but I also wanted to say how much I love your blog, ideas, etc. You are an inspiration to me, evem though I live in the UK and am currently childless. Thank you for your posts. Zoe x

  17. I am thankful for my family! They are the best and I love them so much!

  18. I liked liked little angels on Facebook

  19. So thankful for the Love of Jesus Christ, for without it I would be nothing. Thankful for my family, friends and church family. Health, well being, love, etc.

  20. I am thankful for my job in these hard economic times, my family and friends and my creativeness to help us save money :). I also “liked” both little angels and wwyh on FB. Thanks!

  21. I am thankful for my 4 healthy, happy children, and their father who works hard so I can stay home and homeschool them.

  22. I already like you on fb

  23. I suscribed to the rss feed

  24. I liked little angels on fb

  25. I liked wwyh on Facebook

  26. I subscribed to wwyh

  27. I am thankful for our happy, healthy, blessed little family. And for my husband who works so hard to provide for us and always appreciates what I do as a stay at home mom. So very blessed!

  28. There are many ways God has blessed me, but this year’s biggest is the way He has worked out the situation for my dad’s care.
    (Thanks for making this giveaway possible, and thank you for your posts that entertain and encourage.)

  29. I am so thankful that the Lord allowed our house to sell after more than a year on the market. What a burden lifted!

  30. I am thankful for health, shelter, food on the table, enough of an income to live off of, family, friends, and my faith in God and His promise to prosper us.

  31. I am most thankful for my husband and daughter. They are such a blessing!

  32. I like you on FB!
    – Cassie Jentner

  33. I like Little Angels on FB!
    – Cassie Jentner

  34. I am thankful for my new energy efficient washing machine!

  35. I subscribe to the RSS.

  36. I am thankful for family and friends and Christ’s great love.

  37. I Like you on FB!

  38. I Like Little Angels on FB!

  39. I am thankful for my three little girls & my wonderful husband!

  40. This year I am most thankful for my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for my family.

  41. i am thankful for my family :)

  42. I like Little Angels on facebook.

  43. I like Want What You Have on facebook.

  44. I am thankful for my family, including baby #4 due in a few days!

  45. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach my children about the real reason for the holiday seasons. I’m thankful that I have the ability and resources to learn and teach my children the way I want and focus on what’s important in times like these. Each day brings me a new opportunity for them to learn. Even though they are quite young (three boys: age 3,2, and 8 months) I can’t wait for them to be able to use their experiences learned from our lessons in today’s real world! Ty for holidays!!

  46. Liked you on facebook long time ago :)

  47. Liked Little Angels on FB

  48. Extra thankful for my husband and children this year. My husband for all he does for our family and the sacrifices he makes so I can be home with the kids and chase my dream of being self employed and for being so supportive. And my kids just because they are who they are, and as we learned at this time last year that you never know how long you have with them. You need to spend as much time with them as possible when you can. And thankful I had the chance to know our littlest one who’s angelversary is tomorrow.

  49. Shared your link on facebook!

  50. I liked Little Angels on Facebook.

  51. I like Want what you have on Facebook.

  52. I’ve liked you on FB, like Little Angels on FB, have you on RSS feed.

    I’m most thankful for God’s provision. After my husband losing his job twice in 2 years, we still have not lost anything, and are not behind on bills at the moment. Some times it is rough but we always have everything we need, especially each other and our two boys!

  53. I liked Little Angels on facebook!

  54. I already like you on facebook!

  55. I’m already subscribed to rss feed!

  56. I am most thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my kids. I was a working mom (dad stayed home) until my second was born, and it has been a huge (and very worthwhile) sacrifice financially, but we see the benefits every day!

  57. Liked Little Angels on Facebook!

  58. I already like you on Facebook!

  59. I subscribed to your RSS feed!

  60. I am most thankful for my husband and 5 sweet children. I love them more than words could ever say! I am blessed to be their wife and mommy!

  61. I’m most thankful for my family and the sweet 2 week old baby I’m snuggling right now.

  62. I subscribed to your RSS feed!

  63. I’m most thankful that my husband was able to find a job after three and a half months of unemployment!

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