Home Improvement Updates and Pictures

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Nov 152012

Over the last few months, I’ve mentioned several home improvement projects that we have in the works, but I realized tonight that I haven’t shared any pictures.

First, this is the area in the basement that will be remodeled into 2 bedrooms for the girls. Each will have an egress window, and will be about the size of the bedroom they currently share, so they’ll have a lot more room than they have now. We’ve received the framing estimate and it was reasonable, but we haven’t gotten the drywall estimate yet. We’re hoping that work will begin this winter, because when it’s done I’ll finally have my own private office. I’ve waited for so long!

Over the summer I painted our upstairs hallway, something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The walls were white, and they were painted very sloppily, with occasional streaks of the original salmon pink paint showing through. Here’s a before picture:

And here’s the after:

Those are the same picture frames- I just painted them black.

We also sanded and refinished the 70s trim with a cherry-colored Danish oil product. I love the contrast with the soft gray wall color (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter).

I got rid of the hall runners because they never stayed put, and were a pain to vacuum! We also took down the ugly 70s light fixtures, and replaced them with these, which I love.

And finally, the kitchen. The kitchen painting project – Lord help us – requires a whole post of its own, but basically I just wanted to take down the chair rail and change the wall color, but in typical Crap Family fashion, this opened up a whole can of freaking worms that could not be contained.  After nearly a month, we finally have the dining area painted, though the trim is still being sanded and varnished. Here’s a before:

And here’s a partially-finished after picture, where you can also see the new sliding door my husband installed this summer.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a little paint makes? Removing the chair rail and painting the walls a solid color makes this little room look so much bigger! Also, we removed the unsightly firewood transfer door in the bottom corner of the wall, (which the bookcase was hiding), and my husband patched the hole it left with a small piece of scrap drywall. We were then able to move the bookcase over to where my computer desk used to be. This gives us more room in the dining area, and it also frees up all this counter space, because the microwave fits on it perfectly!

The color I chose for this room is Benjamin Moore Navajo White – a creamy white with a healthy dose of yellow – because it’s sunny and bright, and it looks great with blue.

This room is FAR from done, as you can see from all the home improvement supplies and paraphernalia still piled on this small section of counter by the fridge.

I still have to paint under one bank of cabinets, around the fridge, and in the corner by the door. We also have to finish all the trim, hang the curtains and artwork, replace several plug-ins to bring the house up to code, install all the switch plates,…but at least order is somewhat restored. I can’t even tell you what a disaster this room was a couple weeks ago. I’ll post more before/after pictures when everything is finished, but at least now you have an idea of why I’ve been absent in the blog world lately. Between all of the do-it-yourselfing, the girls’ birthday hoopla, and being sick for nearly 3 1/2 weeks, I’m wiped out. I’m just bone-tired, and emotionally weary, because I’m a person who can only tolerate very small doses of home improvement disorder, and in the last year we’ve had very BIG doses – the kids’ bathroom, the hallway, the egress window installation, the sliding door installation, and now the kitchen. GAH!

It all totally overwhelms me, and yet I always finish one project, and move immediately to something else. I don’t really understand this about myself, but I take pride in my home, and I like to keep my mind occupied, I guess. Next on my list? Painting our bedroom Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray, to go with this gorgeous new comforter set I just snagged on clearance.

I know…I’m crazy.