Mar 022012

After happily watching the number of blog followers steadily rise for the last 4 years – and getting all excited when it finally broke 1000! – I was very disappointed to find out that I somehow missed the memo about Google Friend Connect being shut down for non-Blogger-hosted blogs, as of yesterday.


The 1012 readers who followed the blog through Friend Connect won’t get updates anymore. Which really stinks!

Fortunately, there are other ways to follow the blog, and the easiest is through my RSS feed. All you have to do is just click this little icon, and choose a feed reader, such as Google +.

Another option is to have updates delivered right to your email inbox.

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You can also get WWYH updates through Facebook. I post links there whenever a new post is published, as well as little bits of news and information. This is also a place where readers can communicate with me, and each other.

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I’m sorry to bore you with this tedious, but necessary subject matter. To alleviate your boredom, here’s a bit of cuteness – Cakies’ preschool portrait:

As regular readers know, Cakes is anything but boring, am I right?