Want What You Have from A to Z

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Jul 252011

A is for artwork, which Cakes produces in great quantity. If your child is also a prolific artist, here are some ideas for how to organize and display his or her creations.

B is for baking, which I do a lot to save money. I simplify this process with make-ahead scratch baking mixes.

C is for coupons, one of many money-saving strategies that I employ, but not in an “extreme” way. Please see this post for my thoughts on couponing.

D is for debt which, contrary to popular belief, does not have to be an inevitable part of American life. To read about how we freed ourselves from the chains of debt, please see How We Remain Debt Free, and Our Total Money Makeover.

E is for Easter lamb cake, which I make every year for my children. It’s so cute, it almost seems mean to eat it.

F is for frugal food, recipes for which you can find on my recipe blog, Economical Eats.

G is for garage sales, where we purchase the vast majority of our clothing, household supplies, books, and toys. To learn more about our method of power garage sale shopping, please see this post.

H is for hair, which I stopped coloring 4 months ago. At age almost-38, I’ve decided to wear my gray (which I have earned, believe me) proudly, because God says, “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.” ~ Proverbs 16:31. To follow my transformation, please see my Aging with Grace posts.

I is for IVF, without which I would not have my 3 adorable, hilarious children, who bring so much happiness and fun to our lives. If you’re interested in learning more about IVF, please see, My In Vitro Fertilization Story, and IVF Explained.

J is for Jesus, whose grace made this blessed and abundant life possible. He is the reason for all that I do.

K is for kids, who make our lives so busy and fun and exhausting, and sometimes drive me completely mad with frustration.

L is for label maker, which I got for free (after rebate) at Staples. I used it to create an organized filing system, which helps me save time, energy, and money, and insures that my bills are always paid on time, which protects our good credit.

M is for meat, which Americans consume too much of, and it can really eat into your grocery budget. See this post to read more about my “less meat” meal planning philosophy.

N is for name letters, which I made (the frugal way) for my children’s bedrooms. See this post, and this post, to learn how.

O is for organized packrattery which, when approached properly, can save you many hundreds of dollars every year.

P is for price book, which is how I keep track of prices for items that I purchase regularly. If you’re interested in making a price book for yourself, please see this post for more information.

Q is for quilt rack, which I made on a very small budget for DJ’s room, after pricing standard wooden quilt racks, and nearly dying of sticker shock.

R is for random facts about me, 100 of which can be found here.

S is for savory roasted chicken breasts, which we had for dinner last night, along with fresh mashed sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, biscuits, and strawberry ice cream pie.

T is for typical days at our house, which are consistently among the most popular posts on this blog.

U is for unfortunate events, a series of which I wrote about last year, and continue to revisit on days like today, when I need a good laugh because everything has gone to hell in a hand basket.

V is for vacation, which we budget for every year, but rarely take because we’re so frugal.

X is for eX-borrowers, which we are, and hope to be for life.

Y is for yeast bread, which can be challenging to make, but homemade bread is healthier, tastier, and cheaper than store-bought, so it’s a skill worth mastering.

Z is for zone cleaning, which is a method of organized, regular housekeeping that works for some people….but not for me. I prefer my index card file cleaning system instead.