A Visit to Lazyville

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Jun 302011

This morning, I had an inner dialogue with myself about a load of laundry, which had been staring me in the face for a couple of days. It went something like this:

“You really need to fold that laundry. In 15 minutes, you could have it all done and put away. Just get up and do it. Remember, laziness is a sin. Get up and do it now. Get up Heather! Do it! Do it now, you loser!”

You get the idea. And did I get up and do it?


I have no explanation for this behavior, because sometimes I just don’t get myself (and, according to my husband, neither does anyone else. But we disproved that theory, remember?)

I think part of my problem is that it’s summer, and the heat makes me feel swollen and tired. Also, DJ is going through the “Let’s Wear Mommy Out” phase that all children seem to embrace at his age. This afternoon, he climbed up on top of the kitchen table and emptied the entire salt shaker onto the cake I had just baked, which made me throw up my hands in defeat, and take to the sofa with a glass of lemonade that may or may not have had vodka in it.


After a 3-month break, and much contemplation, I have returned to Facebook with a new, positive outlook…made much more positive by the deletion of some “friends,” who were not so friendly. So, during these weeks when I take a detour through Lazyville, and get stuck in the Land of Inertia, if you really, really miss me, you can visit me on Facebook. You know, just to see if I have any random tidbits to offer that might be mildly interesting or amusing.

I promise to come up with a post worth reading before the end of the week. I just have to buy some more vodka salt, and fold all this bleepin’ laundry first.