My Transformation – One Month In

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May 272011

Pictures, as promised 🙂

Lots of white coming in at the hairline:

And almost an inch of white roots along my part:

Instead of gray, I call it “white” because that’s what it is – entirely pure, snow white hair.

I admit, seeing it is a shock to me, mainly because I didn’t realize that I had so much, but I can’t say that I hate it. In fact, I think that all the lightness around my face will make me look younger – not older. God is smart that way 🙂

My husband appears to be quite fascinated by this transformation, because I catch him staring at my head a lot. Last night, I asked him, “Are you sure you’re OK with this? Because I won’t be your brunette wife anymore.” And he replied, “No, you’ll be my sexy silver fox.” Truthfully, I could probably buzz all my hair off, and wear a patch over one eye like a pirate, and he would still be attracted to me. He’s funny like that.

Whenever, I start to doubt myself, he likes to remind me of this Bible verse:

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.” Proverbs 16:31

If this is true, then I must be way, way more righteous than I realized.

My girls’ reactions as the white hair has come in, have really turned out to be non-reactions. They don’t seem to care at all anymore, because no matter what my hair color, I’m still their Mom. It’s probably good that I decided to do this long before either of them reached the adolescent stage of finding their parents cripplingly embarrassing.

So far I’ve been able to disguise the definitive, white, skunk line with creative zig-zaggy parts, but I might have to progress to hats now. Also, tonight I’m going in for another trim, and my stylist is going to strip as much dye from my hair as possible with a product called Eliminate. She did a test strip on some hair she saved from my last haircut, and it took the color three shades lighter, from basically black, (which was never my intention, but all the years of coloring made my hair so porous that it always came out too dark) to my natural brown/dark brown shade (almost exactly like Cakie’s color) I think that reducing the contrast will help the skunk line be less visible as it grows out, and there’s also a temporary color product called ColorMark, which comes highly recommended by the silver sisters at Going Gray, Looking Great. It’s good for blending the two tone colors during these awkward transitioning days.

I think that the key to pulling this off will be to maintain a sleek, modern hairstyle, and wear bright clothing and makeup colors (when I actually wear makeup, which, to be honest, will still be almost never), to accentuate the contrast between my hair, and the rest of me.

Also, confidence helps. I’m working on that part.