A Completely Different Person

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May 282011

Well you know, obviously I’m still me, but I look completely different after a much shorter haircut (designed to shorten the growing-out torment), and the magic of Elimin8 (not “Eliminate,” just in case anyone wants to purchase this miracle product that removes ages-old permanent hair color).

You can still see my original hair color on the ends and in the back, but the top layer is much lighter because it’s actually gray underneath. When it completely grows out, I’m going to look very, very different.

I was so nervous and worried during the drive home from the salon, because I was positive that my family (especially my husband) would hate it. But I was so wrong. They all just LOVE it! They can’t stop raving about it.

It always takes me a few days to get used to change, but I think that when I’m no longer startled by it every time I look in the mirror, I’ll probably like it a lot.