Aging Gracefully….Maybe

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Apr 292011

So, I made a momentous decision today. Are you ready for this?

I’m not going to color my hair anymore.

I called my husband to tell him, and he laughed and laughed. When he finally stopped wheezing and guffawing, he said, “Yes, you will.”

I was indignant. “Why do you say that?”

“Because you won’t like it,” he informed me. “You’ll think it makes you look old.”

OK, so he may be right, and maybe I will go back to coloring it. But that’s the beauty of this decision….it’s reversible.

I wanted to write about this because I want to document my transformation, which could turn out to be a complete non-event, or I might look so shockingly different that friends and family will recoil in horror when they see me. So, you know. I just wanted to warn everybody.

Premature graying is in my genes. My Dad, at age 62, has almost completely white hair. I found my first gray hair at 17, but I didn’t have enough gray to necessitate regular coloring until I was 28. I’ll be 38 in December. That’s 10 long years of coloring my roots every 6 weeks.

I’m sick of it.

It’s messy, and tedious, and I hate the telltale root line as it grows out. I don’t want to do it anymore. I really want to age gracefully. I don’t want to be one of those women who walk around with shoe polish black hair at age 75. It looks fake, like you’re trying too hard, and people snicker behind your back. Also, my natural hair color is very dark brown, and my gray actually looks white. The contrast could be very striking and beautiful (I hope).

I know it will be a very long process, but summer is coming, and my hair grows really fast in warm weather. I’ll get regular trims, and I’ll disguise the regrowth the best I can, until it blends in. There are touch-up sticks on the market that are supposed to be pretty good.

My new appearance may be shocking to people, but they’ll get used to it. I actually expect the most opposition from my children. They never want me to look any different than I do right now. They want me to stay exactly the same, forever and ever, so I expect that they’ll be upset.

I’m not sure how I’ll handle seeing all the gray. I’m not even sure how much I actually have right now, though I suspect it’s a lot. It might be a shock to me too, but coloring my roots every month completely goes against my wash-and-go philosophy when it comes to my appearance. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t get mani/pedis. I don’t care about clothes. Why would I color my hair?

I’m just going to keep telling myself this. And maybe I’ll think I look awful, and I’ll go back to coloring. Who knows? This will be….interesting.

So, here you go. This is how I look today, right this minute, with absolutely zero makeup, and sort-of-but-not-really brushed hair.

I may never look this good again (which, really, isn’t saying much), but maybe, and this is what I’m hoping for…maybe I’ll look better.