Price Book Template – Free Download!

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Mar 242011

I’ve been steadily working on fulfilling some reader requests, and one of the most commonly requested document downloads is a price book template, so….voila!

Download free price book template from Google Docs!

Here’s an example of what the template looks like:

The columns are already formatted for the type of information they will contain (IE: date, currency, etc). Column G is formatted to automatically calculate unit price, and the calculation will appear (instead of the error message) when price and quantity are entered in the appropriate columns.  If you need more than 25 items per category, just copy one of the formatted cells and paste it into however many rows you need.

I’ve filled in some examples for you, to help clarify how the spreadsheet can be used. You may delete this information and enter your own.

For more information about how to keep a price book, and to see an example of mine, please see:

How to Keep a Price Book

I hope this is helpful to you! If you download this document and like it, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!