Bee’s Dance Recital, and Holiday Fun

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Dec 202010

The last few weeks have been very busy with holiday fun and festivities. The kids had their pictures taken with Santa:

The boy had some serious misgivings about jolly old St. Nick. After about a minute on his lap, he burst into tears.

Last weekend, Bee had her dance recital. She performed in a holiday ballet,

as a tap-dancing dalmatian,

and as Dorothy the Dinosaur in another class’s ballet performance.
We were very proud parents!
DJ really keeps me on my toes these days. He has, on several occasions, taken steps without support, and he makes it his mission to get into and destroy virtually everything. I had to remove all of my spare candles and candleholders from the bottom drawer of the china cabinet, because they had become his favorite toy – all of the candles have teeth marks now. He also enjoys ripping up books, dropping the Nativity scene figures, one by one, onto the floor, banging Christmas tree ornaments on the coffee table, and dumping out the crayon box at least once a day.
He continues to put absolutely everything in his mouth, which means that I must be hyper-vigilant at all times. He ate several of Cakie’s (non-toxic) watercolors – he just popped them out of the tray and sucked on them like candy. This morning he found a Hershey’s kiss, which had fallen out of the Christmas treat bag that Bee’s dance teacher gave her. I noticed that he had brown smears all over his face and pajamas, so I fished around in his mouth and removed a bit of red foil. Obviously he’d already eaten the little tag, and the majority of the wrapper.

Since becoming a parent, I often have to say things that I honestly never thought would come out of my mouth. Such as, “Sand is not for eating,” and “Don’t play in the poop! ” When my friend, Renee, who is Cakie’s Godmother, came to take her out for a girls’ day, I handed her a pad of Post-its, and warned, “Make sure you put one of these over the sensor on the automatic toilets, or she won’t pee.” And this morning….this morning I told my husband, “Don’t be surprised if DJ’s poop says, “Hershey’s Kisses.”

See what I mean?


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