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Nov 032010

So…have you been wondering where I am?

I wish I could tell you something exciting, but the reality is that I’ve been sprawled on the couch, moaning and whimpering, with tissues stuck in my nostrils, because right after I recovered from the dreaded HFMD, I came down with a nasty respiratory infection. My husband is also sick, and we’re so congested that we can’t understand each other most of the time. We’ve been going to bed wearing flannel PJs and Vick’s Vapor Rub, and it’s comical because our pastor recently gave a sermon about how a marriage must remain “hot” in order to be healthy, but sadly, the only heat in our bedroom lately is coming from the His and Hers heating pads.

The big news around here is that The Boy is 9 months old!

He’s so much fun, and we adore him, but he and I need to have a discussion about how biting Mommy is not acceptable, and will quickly result in weaning, cold turkey. Also, the arrival of 4 new teeth, combined with a very bad cold, has turned my champion sleeper into a whiny, fussy boy. He crawls around hollering “AAAHHHH!” all cranky-like, and his bald head and scrunched-up face remind me of the grumpy old men on this “Got Milk” commercial.

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I have some good (I think) blog post ideas, but I may not get to them until after the girls’ birthday hoopla is over, and I start to feel better. However, I did finally figure out how to convert my HMG forms and documents to PDF, and I uploaded the first one, my master grocery list, to Google Docs for you. Here are the links:

Master Grocery List

Master Grocery List – Page 2

This list is not exhaustive, but it is quite thorough, and I’ve left room in each category for write-in items. The setup is based on the basic layout of my favorite store, and contains nearly all of the items that I purchase regularly. I print it on both sides of a sheet of paper, and keep it in a sheet protector in my HMG. Before I go shopping, I use a dry erase marker to check off what I need, and erase it when I get home. You could also just print a new list each week, if you prefer. You’re welcome to copy it into Word, and alter it to fit your personal needs.

I’m planning on uploading other forms as well, and I’m interested in your feedback. Please let me know if you find this form helpful, and I would also like to know of any other forms you would like me to share, so I can prioritize accordingly. Thanks!


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  1. Off subject: I love your website!

    On subject: I recently discovered an app on the Google/Android network for smartphones called myShopi that I use for every trip. I tried several grocery list apps and this one is great! It has a pre-organized photo database of items usually found in grocery stores and the capability to remove presets and add items using barcodes or upload your own pictures from the web or camera. You can also include a note for each item, pricing per pound/bag/box/etc (which automatically calculates for your trip), organization by store aisle (customizable), and separate lists for each store (also customizable). The two big downfalls are not being able to price per store (unless you create a separate item listing) or easily include discounts, coupons, and the like.

    P.S. My husband likes it because he doesn’t have to call me when he makes a grocery run. 🙂

  2. This is the my first visit to your web page. I absolutely have enjoyed it. Thank you for alot of great tips on everything.

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