The Towel Problem

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Sep 142010

After my rant last week, which put the fear of God into my children, a reader e-mailed me to ask how I’m handling #4 on the list:

“Wet towels do not dry if they’re left in a soggy heap on your bedroom floor. Did you know this? As Mommy is sick and tired of washing 25 towels each week, you will now be assigned a towel each Monday and Thursday. These will be your only towels for the week. If you fail to hang them up, and they get stinky and mildewy, well…that will be most unpleasant for you, won’t it?”

Judging from the responses I’ve received, towel overload is a universal problem, and I’m guessing that it makes up at least a fourth or more of our laundry each week. My solution? 3M Command hooks:

I hung one on either side of the towel bar, for DJ and Cakes, and one on the back of the door for Bee. The name labels are temporary, until they get used to the system.

They each get a different colored towel, so they can remember which is theirs. We put one towel down for them to step on after their bath, and that gets hung on the towel bar when all the baths are finished. Whoever bathes DJ is responsible for making sure his towel gets hung up, and fresh towels are put out every Monday and Thursday.

This system cuts our weekly towel laundry in half, which reduces both time and work for me, and also water and energy usage. The kids aren’t thrilled, but as I’m fond of telling them, I’m the Mom, so I make the rules. I told Bee that when she grows up and has her own house, she can use 5 towels a day for all I care, and she said, “But then I would have to wash them all!”

Well, exactly.


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  1. That’s a good idea! And the Color Code for each child… I’m thinking I might do this for us… Thank you for sharing

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