The 11 Dollar Hanging Quilt Rack

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Aug 062010

In the months before and after DJ’s birth, readers sent us so many lovely surprises in the mail….clothing, gift cards, picture frames, baby blankets. Many readers sent little gifts for the girls also, and I can’t even express how we were touched by the generosity and kindness of you sweet people!

While I’m on the subject of kind and generous readers, my online friend, Christy, recently sent this beautiful “Water Boy” book for DJ, after reading my post of the same name, with the video of DJ’s swimming lessons (which I still watch all the time, because he’s so cute that it practically makes me cry).

Isn’t that so cool? Thanks so much Christy!

Last fall, I was amazed one morning when the mailman delivered a box containing the coolest little boy quilt I’ve ever seen, lovingly handcrafted by my talented online friend, Autumn, whom I’ve never met, but really hope to someday. This quilt is a most colorful and unique work of art for a little boy’s room, and since receiving it, I’ve searched in vain for some way to display it. But do you know how much hanging quilt racks cost? The cheapest I could find was $60! Also, they have a bar on which to fold the quilt over, but this quilt is so packed with interesting detail, even around the edge, and I really wanted to display all of it. I thought about tacking it directly to the wall, but I really didn’t want to put holes in it. I was at a loss.

When we redecorated our living room, I moved our rocking chair into DJ’s room.

One night, I was rocking him before bed, and staring out the window, when suddenly an idea popped into my head! I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a 4-foot cafe curtain rod exactly like those on his windows ($8), and a package of 7 drapery clip rings ($2.97). And voila! I made my own hanging quilt rack for less than $11:

By the way, Autumn, this is DJ’s favorite square. He stares at it all the time:

We hung the quilt on the wall behind DJ’s crib, as it’s the largest windowless wall. We moved his name letters to the wall above his dresser (I just noticed that the L is crooked),

and I put the Noah’s Ark print above the toy box.

So…my husband has had to patch and paint several holes in the wall (since I also changed my mind once about where the quilt should hang. Oopsie!) Fortunately, he’s very good at meticulously patching and blending so that holes aren’t even detectable when he’s done. This allows me to goof up occasionally without turning our walls into swiss cheese.

DJ’s room is so bright and cheerful and happy, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out, except my husband pointed out last night that DJ still has a pink, Strawberry Shortcake night light.

Ah…well. I’ll get to that. Someday.


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