Jun 152010

You all know how much I love my chest freezer. It easily pays for the energy it uses because it allows me to buy in bulk when I see terrific sales, and saves extra trips to the grocery store. The only problem is that it’s difficult to organize such a cavernous storage space, and you can’t see what you already have, so you buy more. Without an efficient system for order and inventory, the oldest stock doesn’t always get used up before it goes bad.

In my search for a solution to this problem, I was excited to find chest freezer organizers online. These baskets stack together neatly, and they seemed like a perfect solution, until I measured my freezer and discovered that it would cost almost $60 (plus shipping) to organize it.

I gave this issue much thought because I was determined to find a less expensive solution to this problem. Armed with my freezer measurements, I set out for the store in search of something that might work. And I found it.

I purchased 6 white, milk-style crates for $4 each (total cost – $24, for a savings of $36, not including shipping), and I stacked them in the freezer in three rows of two. The bottom two are for meats because they’re the heaviest (it looks like I’m getting low on chicken):

The small space in front is perfect for extra bags of super-sale purchased flour.

The middle two baskets are for fruits and veggies,

and the top two are for sale-purchased cheese and butter, whole-grain rice (freezing it prolongs the shelf life), chocolate chips, and breakfast foods like waffles and toaster strudel (when I can find them on sale for a great price). In our case, the top two bins were just slightly too tall for the freezer lid to close, so my husband trimmed them down to a perfect fit with a utility knife. That’s the beauty of using these plastic crates – they’re adjustable.

I store grains, and larger things, like the occasional frozen pizza, on the left-side shelf,

and all of the freezer space is used, which is ideal for energy savings.

I don’t have to waste time looking for stuff, and I don’t waste money because I always know just what I have to use up. When I take something out of the freezer, I check it off on my freezer inventory, and when the inventory gets low, I add that item to my grocery list.

I love organization. It makes life so much easier 🙂