A Fresh Look

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May 242010

After living with the same furniture for more than 12 years, I had hoped to redo our living room this year. Our couch and loveseat were getting pretty soggy from accommodating my very large behind throughout three pregnancies, and a sum total of about 10 weeks of bedrest. The fabric was starting to look dirty and worn, especially where Cakes bit a hole in one of the seat covers when she was teething (it was like having an unruly puppy). However, after DJ was born and spent some time in the NICU, I gave up on the idea of new furniture in favor of paying medical bills. My husband knew how much I wanted a change, and since we’ve been on a bit of a selling spree lately, he suggested that we set aside any money we made from selling our old furniture into a “new furniture fund.” That way we wouldn’t have to spend much money, because we would just be recycling our old stuff into new stuff.

A local furniture store is having a fantastic Memorial Day sale right now, so last week we gave our living room a complete makeover.

I hate those floor lamps, but unfortunately we need them in this room because there is no overhead light.

I found these curtain panels at Target. I liked the pattern, and they’re also heavy and lined, to block out the sun from our huge, west-facing picture window.

I swapped the existing sheers for the tie-up shades from our bedroom. They work better because they accomodate Pumpkin’s window perch.

I love how the moss green and wine colors coordinate with these antique books in the fireplace nook (I call it the “book nook”).

This is our old table lamp, made new. It was wooden with a brass base, and it had a worn, pleated shade. I bought a new shade for it, but it still looked dated, so I had my husband spray-paint the entire base with a can of metallic paint, to match the aged bronze finish on our floor lamps. Now it looks cool!

I bought this large picture frame on clearance, and grouped it with some smaller frames that I already had.

To make over this room, we bought:
6 curtain panels – $119.96
Sofa and, as a concession to my husband, a pair of recliners (what is it with men and recliners?) – $1180.21
2 throw pillows – $15.99
Can of metallic spray paint – $5.97
Picture frame – $1.98 (clearance sale + coupon at Bed, Bath, & Beyond)
Total – $1324.11

We sold:
2 rolltop desks – $500
12-year-old couch and loveseat – $400
Old curtains – $60
Twin bed frame – $30
10-year-old treadmill – $40
Total – $1030.00

Total out-of-pocket cost – $294.11

Not very much money for a fresh new look! Plus, I have a large, framed picture to consign, and a chair (possibly two) to put on craigslist. When they sell the cost will come down even more. YAY!

At first I felt guilty (as I always do) about spending money on something I wanted, but now I’m so glad that I did this. For me, changes, even small ones, are invigorating and refreshing. I spend so much time in this house, staring at these same walls, and sometimes it can get dull and tiresome. A change of scenery is good for the soul.