Keeper of the Stuff

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Mar 292010

This is my scrapbook/craft table in the basement, also known as the local dump. Do you know why? Because in our household, (and I suspect in many of yours) Mommy is the keeper of the stuff. This pile basically represents an entire year of our lives. In it, there are all of the girls’ keepsakes from the last year…report cards, birthday cards, Valentines, certificates from swimming lessons and VBS, teeth.

There are our Christmas cards from last year. Anniversary cards, birthday cards, all of DJ’s stuff from the hospital. Cards we received with flowers, his newspaper announcement, the actual newspaper from the day he was born. There is our tax return, and all associated documents, annual reports from our investments, warranties and receipts from Christmas gifts.

Somehow, at some point, it became my responsibility to deal with all of this stuff, and ordinarily I put it away throughout the year. The girls each have memory boxes, and short-term storage boxes for their scrapbook stuff, and we have a long-term filing cabinet for tax returns and other stuff that we need to keep, but won’t reference often. The problem is that during my entire pregnancy I felt pretty miserable. I just couldn’t cope with much of anything except for the most basic of daily chores, so stuff just kept getting taken downstairs in piles, and dumped on my table.

Because, as I always tell my husband, when Mommy is sick everything goes to crap.

And now, the piles have become a mountain. This weekend, I actually ventured down to my craft area because I found a cute, Sesame Street-themed, 12×12 scrapbook for only $5 on clearance, and I wanted to start a page for DJ. Except how in the world would I ever manage to make a scrapbook page amid all of the mess?

So, my goal for today is to tackle the pile. All of the scrapbook supplies will be put away neatly. All of the papers will be filed, and the scrapbook items will be organized by subject and child, and labeled. I will start a memory box for DJ. I will empty the trash, take out the recycling, put away the iron (it’s still there from when my husband hemmed DJ’s curtains. In September!)

The fact that I even have the desire to work on this project is a real testament to the motivation that comes from accomplishment. From finishing. Now that I’ve completed so many spring cleaning tasks, I actually have the energy to do more because, as I’m fond of saying,

“It’s not the things we do that make us tired. It’s the things we don’t do.” ~ Dale Carnegie.

Now, I just have to figure out how to start. Oh, and I’d better drink this cup of coffee first…