A Bit of Spring Cleaning

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Mar 262010

I don’t typically “spring clean” because I break up big cleaning chores into small pieces, and do a little bit each week throughout the year. However, I find that I need to spring clean this year, because I did very little cleaning and organizing last year, due to pregnancy and related illness.

Yesterday I woke up with a mission. I wanted to clean the kitchen and dining area thoroughly. I did not accomplish this. However, I did get the dining area cleaned, including the walls, sliding door windows, and a thorough mopping of the floor.

(I used to have a really pretty rug under the table, with a border in the same shade of blue as is on the wall. After Cakes dumped chili all over it, I cleaned it, rolled it up, and put it in storage. I also said what I often heard my mother say and swore I wouldn’t repeat; “I just can’t have anything nice!”)

I also cleaned out and organized the utility closet, and my office supply cabinet above my desk.

These are small things, but I get a little rush of pleasure every time I open the closet door and see that it’s organized and neat. It makes me feel that perhaps I will actually get caught up again, someday. It sounds a bit geeky, but I just love it when everything is clean and organized. When my house is messy I feel scatterbrained and stressed, and I can’t concentrate or accomplish anything. It feels like I’m always running in circles, without focus. But when things are neat and orderly, I feel calm. I can breathe.

I’m also a firm believer that organization saves money. For example, last week I cleaned out our supply closet, our freezer, and the cabinets in both bathrooms. In doing so, I found several items that we recently purchased more of because we didn’t realize that we already had them. Now that everything is organized and inventoried, we’ll use what we have and avoid unnecessary expense. Yesterday, when cleaning my dining and office areas, I found a bill that had fallen under the computer desk, unopened. If I hadn’t been cleaning, I probably wouldn’t have discovered it until a late fee had been assessed. This is why regular cleaning, purging, and organizing is worth the time and effort. It makes life easier, calmer, and cheaper!

This weekend, I will get the kitchen done. Small steps.