Some Bad News

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Jan 182010

Well…it looks like my dream of a home birth may not become reality.

This morning, I was measuring at almost 46 cm, a jump of 4 cm since Friday. Kathy is genuinely worried, and she’s sending me for a physician consult tomorrow morning at 9:30. She went through all of the records from the girls’ births, and it turns out that with Cakes, there was mild shoulder dystocia (I didn’t know this, because it was never mentioned to us). Because Cakes was only 7 lb, 11 oz, and DJ is significantly larger, Kathy is concerned that he could get stuck during delivery. Also, because my uterus is so distended, she worries about placental abruption, uterine rupture, or other problems during labor.

She feels that this pregnancy may no longer be low risk, and a home birth may not be possible. However, she wants us to get a second opinion before we make any major decisions.

I’m trying to not get upset, but I’ve had a few episodes of tears today. I’m just so disappointed, and also angry at my body because it never seems to do anything right! I’m trying to keep the faith, but it’s hard. I can almost guarantee that the doctor will push for a c-section, and I’ll try to stand my ground, but I’ll probably lose.

I’m going to take this one hour at a time. I’ll post again tomorrow morning, when I know more about the diagnosis, and our options. Please pray for us.


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