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Jan 182010

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long, but as of now, I really have nothing to report. I didn’t do much of anything, or even leave the house most of the week, because I’m basically just existing to be a baby incubator at this point. My belly has gotten so heavy that I can no longer put on my shoes and socks, and sometimes I can’t even roll over in bed. I met with Kathy on Friday for an examination, and at that point I was 2 cm dilated, about 50% effaced, and the baby’s head was at -3 station. Aside from a few contractions – not at all regular – nothing much has happened this weekend.

I’m getting impatient and irritated, to say the least. I’m beyond uncomfortable now, and I sleep only a couple of hours each night. Last night I was up and in the bathroom every 45 minutes. My abdomen is so swollen and tight that the skin actually looks shiny, and every night, my only prayer is, “Please God, please get this baby out of me!” Kathy said that if I didn’t have the baby this weekend, she would see me again tomorrow morning, and we could try some homeopathic methods to get things started. I sure hope they work!

For now, I’m watching lots of television, while bouncing on an exercise ball that I borrowed from my stepmom. Sometimes I walk round and round the kitchen and through the hall, or up and down the basement stairs, but it hasn’t helped much so far. I try to catch short naps when I can, and I’m enjoying having my husband all to myself during the day. As always he’s been wonderful. I don’t have a thing to worry about, because he takes care of all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Tonight I asked what we should do for supper, and he said, “What would you like honey? I’ll make you whatever you want.”

*sigh* He’s dreamy. I think that’s probably the most romantic thing he could have said to me right now. I requested hamburger stroganoff over mashed potatoes, because it seemed comforting, and I didn’t think it would give me heartburn, like everything else. True to his word, he looked up the recipe and made it, and it was delicious!

Last night I was saying that I should have a contest, to see who can correctly guess the baby’s birth date. He’s not actually due until the 29th, but does anyone care to wager a guess as to when he’ll actually arrive?

Tonight (HA! Fat chance.)

I’m not even going to write any dates after that, because the very thought of him being overdue is just too depressing.


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