I’m Not in Labor…Yet

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Jan 292010

Today is DJ’s due date, and I’m still 3 cm, and 80% effaced. This child is very stubborn, but as my husband says, he comes by that trait honestly. I think he’s referring to me.

I did have contractions, every 10 minutes, for several hours this morning, so Kathy thinks my body is getting ready. We just need to wait until the baby is ready too.

I’m beyond frustrated, but Kathy said I should just rest today, and try not to be anxious, because that isn’t going to help anything. Fortunately, I have my husband here with me, and he’s been keeping me entertained. We watched an episode of Family Feud this afternoon, and he had me laughing so hard at his commentary that I had to run (well, it was more like a fast waddle) into the bathroom so I wouldn’t wet my pants. It’s been so nice to have him with me all day, every day (for 2 weeks!) while we continue to wait for this baby. This is an example of how frugality can really pay off, because we set back enough money last year (in addition to our regular savings plan), in anticipation of this event, to cover our living expenses for another month. We don’t have to worry about falling behind on bills, so we can just enjoy this time, because who knows how long it will be before we have time alone again?

The only downside is that I’m going to miss my husband terribly when he returns to work. I’m spoiled now.

Anyway, Kathy is taking a very proactive approach to this situation. She left some herb capsules with me, and if I’m still pregnant on Sunday morning, I’m supposed to take one. She’s convinced that it will be the push I need. If all else fails, and we make it to Monday, she said that she’ll break my water and see if we can get things going naturally that way. If we go in for the induction on Tuesday they’ll break my water anyway, and Kathy would much rather have me labor at home for as long as possible. We’re determined to avoid Pitocin!

Honestly, this kid has to come out someday, right? He’s not even overdue until after midnight, so I’m trying to not pressure him too much. I don’t want him to start life with a complex. Although, I have offered a few bribes here and there, along the lines of, “If you come out tonight, Mama will buy you a car!”


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