He’s a Big Boy

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Jan 112010

…said my husband proudly, after we found out that DJ’s weight is estimated, at 37 weeks, to be around 9 pounds! 9 POUNDS!

I realize that ultrasound weights can be off by 10% either way, so he could very well be 8 pounds. But he could also be 10. Or more! What if he goes right to his due date or beyond? Just how big is this kid gonna get?

Bee was 7 lb, 6 oz, and Cakes was 7 lb, 11 oz, so I was unprepared for this news. However, I’m relieved to learn that the amniotic fluid level is actually normal, and the baby is healthy, and in a good position for delivery. Here’s a picture of his scrunched, angry-looking little face.

and a profile shot, with his arms crossed in front. We watched him stick his tongue out, and chew on his hand for a while.

And of course, proof that he is, indeed, still a boy. My husband was so proud.

I’m very happy that everything is OK, but I’m more than a little nervous about DJ being so big. It seems odd, since this is the pregnancy where I’ve eaten the least. After throwing up for 4 months, and barely being able to eat for the last month, I kind of expected that he would be on the small side. I’m waiting for a call from Kathy, but I confess that I’m hoping she’ll induce me before he gets too much bigger, and I get so uncomfortable that I can’t even move. But the whole reason I wanted a home birth was to avoid medical intervention, so hmmmm….it’s a dilemma.

At this point, I would love to hear from those of you who successfully delivered big babies without C-section. I need some reassurance!

UPDATE: Kathy says that 3rd trimester ultrasound weights are frequently off by a pound or more, and DJ is far more likely to weigh in around 8 pounds, given the birth weights of the girls. She doesn’t want me to worry about it, and she thinks I’ll most likely go into labor within a week or so, all on my own. I hope she’s right!


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