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My husband started something fun with the girls this morning. He’s going to teach them the Christmas story, using their little Nativity Scene, which my MIL bought for them at a garage sale:

Right now, the stable is the only piece that is set up,

but over the next 10 days, he will read appropriate verses from Bee’s study Bible, and introduce the characters. This is his reading plan:

1) A Savior King is promised – Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7, Jeremiah 23:5; Micah 5:2-5a
2) The angel visits Mary – Luke 1:26-38 (introduction of the angel and Mary)
3) The angel visits Joseph – Matthew 1:18-25 (introduction of Joseph)
4) The trip to Bethlehem and stable lodging – Luke 2:1-7 (introduction of stable animals)
5) The Christ child is born – Luke 2:8-14 (introduction of the baby Jesus)
6) The angels visit the shepherds – Luke 2:8-14
7) The shepherds visit the manger – Luke 2:15-18 (introduction of the shepherd and sheep)
8) The wise men travel to Jerusalem – Matthew 2:1-8
9) The wise men worship the Christ child – Matthew 2:9-12 (introduction of the wise men)
10) The trip to Egypt – Matthew 2:13-15

At this point, the entire Nativity scene will be complete. My husband got the idea for this activity at his men’s Bible study group, through Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I also attended BSF for 2 years, my second year in children’s leadership, and I encouraged my husband to go. Since then, his love for the word of God has grown and his faith has strengthened. He studies his Bible every morning, and he has now memorized many verses of Scripture. He decided that he wanted to take the initiative to instruct the children about the Christmas story, because it’s his responsibility to take the spiritual lead in our household. I’m so incredibly proud of him! He is open to God’s leading, and God is doing amazing work through him.

The Christmas story is an excellent example of many Biblical truths that we can reinforce with our children:

-Long ago, God promised to send a Savior, who would be born in Bethlehem. God kept that promise.
-God always keeps his promises.
-God shows people how to find Jesus
-God knows what is best for his people.

I think this will be a fun and engaging way to make it clear to the girls that Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas – it’s much more than just a festive holiday with twinkly lights and presents. So many people in the world today see Christmas as nothing more than an excuse to shop and overeat, and we feel that it’s our job, as Christian parents, to help our children look past all that, to the real meaning of the holiday.

I told my husband not to be surprised if this activity makes the kids want to play with the Nativity scene more, which, in the case of Cakes, will result in broken pieces. He isn’t terribly concerned, because he did the same thing as a child, and the result is a hilarious memory for him and our whole family. Remember this sheep?

When he was little, my husband was playing with the sheep, and he accidentally broke its foot. He glued one of his lost teeth in its place, in the hope that his parents wouldn’t notice. His parents gave him the set, and the girls laugh at Daddy’s antics every year when we unpack it.

Thanks to everyone who is participating in the Christmas card exchange! All of my surplus cards are now spoken for, and I’m so looking forward to receiving all of your cards and letters! What a blessed Christmas season our family will have 🙂

A couple of you e-mailed me with concern about my overambitious to-do list yesterday, because you felt that I was overdoing it, and, as it turns out, you were right. I did accomplish all of my goals, but I paid for it last night, when I was so exhausted that I had trouble eating. I was also up half the night with excruciating back pain, so….I won’t be doing anything like that again. It’s time for me to accept that I need to just slow down. The problem is, I feel like I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace for the last 7 months!

One of yesterday’s errands was to the post office, and of course, Cakes had to go potty. There is no public restroom at the post office, but one of the ladies behind the counter took a shine to Cakes (as often happens), and she let us behind the counter to use the employee restroom. Cakie said that her tummy hurt, so I encouraged her to try to do poopie (she’s been doing much better at that – thank the Lord!), so she made a big, overly dramatic show of it for a while, but nothing happened. When we came back out, the postal clerk waved to us, and Cakes yelled, as loud as possible, “Oh hi! I can’t go poop right now!”

There were about 6 people waiting in line, and they, along with all the clerks behind the counter, busted up laughing. I turned 15 shades of red, and rushed Cakes out to the van, while explaining that there are some things we should keep to ourselves because they’re private. This clearly went over Cakie’s head, because she responded, “Well, I can’t go poop right now. It’s true!”

Ahhh, kids. Their honesty is so, er…refreshing.


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