Cakie’s Pumpkin

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Nov 172009

In my post about Bee’s Thanksgiving turkey pumpkin, I mentioned that Cakes wanted to paint her pumpkin to look like our cat, Pumpkin, and since it was still pretty green, my husband spray-painted it orange. Very orange. She colored the eyes, nose and mouth, and we cut and glued them to the pumpkin, and voila! The Pumpkin Pumpkin:

Speaking of Pumpkin – he’s taken to running outside every single time a door is opened, and he’s impossible to catch. Over the weekend, he spent the entire night outside, and returned smelling like days gone by. It was bad. I could smell him when he was sitting 3 feet away from me. I decided that I must give him a bath, but, well…have you ever given a cat a bath? While 7 months pregnant? With two little girls leaning over the tub, laughing hysterically like hyenas?

Uh huh. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.

The whole bath thing was a major insult to Pumpkin, who howled pitifully the whole time, and spent the rest of the evening frantically licking himself and glaring at me resentfully. I told him, “It wasn’t exactly a picnic for me either, pal.”

In other more interesting news, the clearance supervisor for ABC’s “Supernanny” e-mailed me yesterday, because they’re producing an episode about a couple who has 3 children through IVF. He needed a photo of 3 fertilized embryos, and he came across the picture from my IVF post. He asked permission to display it on the show, to help explain the process. The episode will air sometime in January, and I’ll let you guys know specifically when, in case you want to watch.

Now we’ll be able to say that Cakes has been on national TV. As an embryo! I suspect that this is only the beginning of her fame…or should I say infamy?

I hope not.


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