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Sep 122009

Daniel and I are doing much better now. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We haven’t had any bleeding since Thursday afternoon, and he’s been much more active the last couple of days. I think that whatever happened has run its course, and I’m very relieved. I’ve been feeling quite tired, and mildly head-achy today, and I’m still praying to escape the H1N1 virus (there’s a confirmed case at Bee’s school now).

My husband finished up Daniel’s room this weekend. Cakesie’s former room, which was painted in little girl pastels, is now a lovely blue, with red and white accents. I’ll try to get a post up with pictures soon, explaining our “use what you have” nursery decorating. I’m anxious to paint Daniel’s name letters for his wall, but stupid Michael’s has been out of “D” forever. They keep saying that they’ll get it in on the next truck, but every time I check it’s still gone. They frustrate me to no end!

Today we went grocery shopping, and we found such great sales that we really stocked up! My fridge, upstairs pantry, and basement pantry are packed. For the last several months, we’ve averaged about $50 per week for groceries, mainly because I’ve been too exhausted to shop, so I’ve been doing an informal pantry challenge. Today I replenished most of my depleted staples, and we had two full carts of groceries, but we only spent about $120.

Here are some of the great deals we found:

16-ounce Peter Pan peanut butter – clearanced for 99 cents (we bought a dozen jars)
Bone-in, split chicken breast – 99 cents per pound (we were completely out of chicken, so we bought 25 pounds)
Lunchables, all varieties – $1.00 (school lunch is $2.45 now, and Bee never likes it anyway)
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – 49 cents per box (this is the only kind we like, so we bought a dozen boxes)
2 liter, store-brand seltzer – 66 cents, the cheapest we’ve ever seen it. (We don’t drink pop anymore – I’ve been Diet Coke free for almost 7 months now! – but we like to mix seltzer with 100% fruit juice to make nutritious “soda,” so we bought a dozen bottles).
16-ounce, store-brand breakfast cereal – 99 cents with store coupon
Store-brand English muffins – 88 cents
5-pounds russet potatoes – 99 cents
16-ounce frozen veggies – 88 cents
32-ounce brown or powdered sugar – 99 cents (I bought 3 of each)

I was very happy with these sales because the large newspaper in our area has gotten so expensive, even for just the weekend edition, that my free coupon supplier has stopped subscribing. I still print coupons online, but I’m too tired lately to even do that, so when stores run great specials like this it makes my life much easier.


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