22 Week Belly Shot

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Sep 182009

I made the mistake of telling my husband that some of you have asked for an updated tummy picture. Being the ever-so-obliging man that he is, he decided to grab the camera and snap a whole bunch of pictures of me, each more unflattering than the next.

Here I am in the kitchen. I was making poached halibut, and broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole. I’m sure you don’t care, but anyway…

Note the giant belly (have I mentioned that I hate the word belly. No? Well I do). Try not to note the giant everything else. Also, please pay no attention to my sway back, my puffy, blotchy face and…wait a minute…yes, I’m definitely getting a double chin.

I would just like to remind everyone that I’m only 22 weeks pregnant (starting tomorrow). I have 18 weeks to go. 18 WEEKS! What am I going to look like at Christmas time? I won’t be able to walk without tipping over. After I eat a huge, lard-smeared Christmas dinner, my husband will probably have to roll me out to the car.