The Girls’ Shared Room

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Aug 112009

A couple of readers have asked how the girls like sharing a room, and requested pictures of how we organized their small space.

It took some time, and much trial and error, but we’ve finally figured out an arrangement that works for them (and us). The solution – redefining the “purpose” of their bedroom.

My husband and I have a definite purpose for our bedroom. We don’t allow TV or work in the bedroom, because we want it to be a place of rest and relaxation. It’s basically used for getting dressed, sleep, light reading, and, ahem….another purpose that I’m sure I need not elaborate on.

When the girls first moved into their shared room, they still had many toys and games stored there. In such a small space, this simply did not work. Most of the time we could barely walk through the room because of the mess, and there was constant bickering over who got to play with what, etc, etc.

We solved this problem by removing all toys from the bedroom, and relocating them to the basement playroom. Now the girls’ bedroom is for sleeping, getting dressed, and reading/homework. It’s almost always clean, and the toy mess (and associated bickering) is confined to the basement. This works much better for all.

We expect the girls to share nearly all toys and games. However, we make exceptions for special things, like Bee’s American Girl doll, which she understandably does not want Cakes to mess up. We gave each girl a Rubbermaid tub with a lid (pink for Bee, purple for Cakes), so they would have a place to store special, off-limits items. So far this works well, because Cakes can’t figure out how to get the lids off by herself.

Here is the girls’ loft bed set-up:

My only complaint about this bed is that making the top bunk is back-breaking! It almost never gets made…ever. We use the little, built-in drawers to store socks, underwear, and pajamas.

The girls share this dresser, which used to be in Cakesie’s room, for their folded clothes (jeans, shorts, t-shirts):

Since this room has two closets, we use one to store hanging clothes:

and the other for their bookshelf, art supply storage, and bed linens:

We asked the girls to sort through all of their stuffed toys, and choose only the most special ones, so that they could share the shelf above the closets. The rest of the toys will be donated to our bank’s holiday toy drive. They collect new and gently used stuffed toys, to be given to children in hospitals and shelters.

It’s nice that this bed has a desk with storage drawers built in on one side, because Bee has a place to do her homework, and we don’t have to attempt to squeeze yet another piece of furniture into this small room:

Since Bee likes to read for a little while before falling asleep, my husband mounted this small, garage-sale purchased shelf ($2) on the wall by her bed, and screwed a reading light into it, so that she wouldn’t accidentally knock it off and start a fire. It’s also a nice place for her to keep a cup of water, and a special prayer:

She meant to say “Dear God, please let our baby be born OK. Amen.” Isn’t that so sweet and touching?

We also took the advice of several readers, and got Bee a clip-on fan, to help keep her cool. The girls’ name letters are mounted just above the top bunk, which you can sort of see in some of the photos.

The girls seem to really like this arrangement. The only problem is that they stay up until all hours, giggling and whispering. But I guess that’s part of the fun of sharing a room!


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