Pumpkin Catches a Bird

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Jul 012009

…..and brings it into the house. Alive.

This was the drama at our house this afternoon.

I was in the bedroom when Bee, my tenderhearted girl, came running into the house, bawling her eyes out, yelling, “Mom! Mom! Pumpkin caught a bird! I think he killed it!”

I didn’t even realize that Pumpkin had gone outside, but he’s sneaky like that. I put my arm around Bee, and explained that cats do things like this, and it’s all part of the food chain, the way God intended, etc, etc, but then she said, “But MOM! He brought it in the house! I saw him run in here with it in his mouth!”

Suddenly, I was no longer so calm. After a very brief search, we found Pumpkin at the foot of the basement stairs, sprawled casually on his side next to a terrified, cowering little black bird. Now, if I had been thinking rationally, I would have grabbed the camera to capture this moment, but all I could think was, “There is a live bird in my house. I must get it out of here.” So I called my husband, who came out of his office and said calmly, “I thought I heard a bird chirping.”

Before Pumpkin knew what hit him, my husband grabbed him and locked him in the bathroom. Then he grabbed a Staples paper box, and tried to scoop the bird into it with the box lid. But the bird, only mildly injured, flew away. After a couple more tries, my husband managed to coax the bird into the box, and put the lid on before he could escape. The bird kicked and flailed and generally freaked out until my husband took it outside and set it free.

Bee was very relieved that the bird was still alive, and I was very happy that it was out of my house. Pumpkin, on the other hand, was more than a little disappointed that we ruined his fun. When we let him out of the bathroom, he hurried over to where the bird had been, and sniffed around, but all that remained were a few feathers. Poor boy. He was so proud of himself too.