Well, At Least He Won’t Get Cavities

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Jun 072009

Cakes has been in rare form the last few days.

This afternoon Pumpkin came running into the living room, looking mildly freaked. My husband and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV, and my husband said, “What’s that blue stuff all over Pumpkin’s back? Are the girls painting or something?”

I looked out into the kitchen, where just a few minutes earlier the girls had been playing a game on the Hannah Montana web site. Bee was still there, but Cakes was gone, and you know what that means.

My husband yelled, “Cakes! What are you doing?” Her reply was, “Um, nuffing!” which, when translated into parent language, generally means “call 911 immediately.”

My husband went to investigate, and found that Cakes had been “painting” the quilt on her bed, and also Pumpkin, with a kid paintbrush and a tube of blue, Colgate gel toothpaste. What is it with this kid and toothpaste? When I asked her why she did that, she replied, all sweetly and innocently, “Mommy, I was just painting a picture of you.”

Uh huh.

Last night she was running around naked after her bath, and she suddenly disappeared into her room. She was gone for a few minutes, and when she came back, she yelled, “Mom! I did poopie in my room!” It was actually just pee-pee, but when I asked her why she did it on her carpet, and not in the potty, she answered with her typical “I don’t know.” So then I had to go over the whole “pee-pee goes in the potty” thing again about a million times, and I thought she understood, until…

Me: Cakes, we don’t do pee-pee on the carpet do we?
Cakes: No!
Me: Where do we do pee-pee?
Cakes: In the potty!
Me: YES! And where do we do poopie?
Cakes: On the carpet!

I give up.

To further complicate things, Cakes seems to have developed her own funny little language, which means that half the time, we have no idea what she’s talking about. Here are just a few Cakes-isms that we’ve managed to decipher:

Nexobar: a number candle, such as on a child’s birthday cake

Time-bo-dolling: the strap on her portable art desk in the car. She likes to hold it like a pony’s reins, but we have no idea why she calls it that.

Pekin: a coat hanger

Rock-on-cuter: computer

Tocket foe de mosies: this is her version of “pocket full of posies,” from “Ring Around the Rosie.”

Wooden-nizza: I’m taking suggestions on this one, because I got nothin’.


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