The Things We Do For Love

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May 112009

Here’s my husband, preparing my shot for last night (isn’t he cute? Look at how he’s concentrating…)

At this point I was laying face down on the bed, taking deep breaths and trying not to panic, because this giant needle was about to be stuck into my behind, which already looks freakishly like a pincushion.

Look at it! It’s huge! (The needle, not my behind. Although…no, no, I won’t go there).

After 27 nights of Lupron shots, I felt that I was prepared to start the progesterone in oil shots,

but I had forgotten that progesterone requires a 22-gauge, 1 1/2 inch needle, and a slow, agonizing injection process. Because of its suspension in sesame oil, you can’t just inject it quickly and be done with it, because it’s too thick.

After the shot I had to very gingerly arrange myself in bed, so as not to disturb the swollen, inflamed knot on my left butt cheek. It was a very long night, and this morning the injection site is tender and bruised. On the bright side, when I came out to the kitchen to make breakfast for the girls, I found a little message from my husband:

Despite the absence of words, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out what he meant 🙂 I have a container of change on the kitchen counter, waiting to go to the bank, and he decided to get creative with it. When Bee saw it she said “Who did that?” I replied, “Guess….” She rolled her eyes and said, in an exasperated teenager voice, “Daddy.”

She pretends to be put off by our displays of love and affection, but I know that secretly they make her happy. Sometimes I’ll look over my husband’s shoulder when he’s hugging me, and see her smiling a secret little smile, but if she sees me watching, she always says, “Eeeewwww!” or “GROSS!”

I called my husband, who was on the road, to tell him that I discovered his message written in pennies, and to whine a little bit about my sore backside. He said, “Well, that’s a big needle. I just hate to have to do that to you.”

The things we will do for the love of a tiny little embryo.


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