One Week

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May 202009

One more week, and we will know. It can’t come soon enough for me.

My husband seems to be doing remarkably well with the waiting. He doesn’t say much, though he does ask how I’m feeling each day. Until yesterday, I had nothing new to report, but yesterday afternoon I started having some breast tenderness, and last night I think I made at least a half dozen trips to the bathroom. I told my husband, “I think I could be pregnant! Wouldn’t that be a miracle? Do you think I’m pregnant?”

To which he replied, “We’ll find out soon.”

Aaarrrrgghhhh! His calmness is sometimes infuriating, but it’s also a blessing because it helps keep me calm too. This morning I’m reminding myself to stay positive, and NOT OBSESS over physical symptoms. I did have very definite, strong symptoms after our last FET, when I became pregnant with Cakes, but I don’t really remember those same symptoms when I got pregnant with Bee. Every pregnancy is different – some people find out that they’re pregnant when they’ve had no symptoms at all – and the progesterone shots can cause both period and pregnancy-type symptoms.

So….no more fretting or obsessing. Right.

It’s so, so hard though. When I feel like this, I just want to hole up in my house and not see or talk to anyone. Some people turn to others when they’re struggling, but introverts like me turn inside themselves and become reclusive. In my mind, it feels like until I know whether or not I’m pregnant, my life will remain suspended and uncertain. I just don’t really know how to function right now.

On a much lighter note, Bee is offering hairstyling tips on her blog this week, and it’s quite entertaining. Also, last week, after No Doubt was on American Idol, I commented that I couldn’t believe how fit and energetic Gwen Stefani is after having two children. Bee said, “She has two kids? I’m surprised she has all that energy. She must be younger than you.”

Gee, thanks Bee! What exactly are you trying to say?


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